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Hello guys,

I'm new here, and I am really bad at finding things so sorry in advance.  Two questions, has anyone compiled all the pdfs on the site into a singular pdf or book as I am having trouble locating one if there is one and has anyone made an editable character sheet pdf?  I was starting to work on an editable character sheet, but as that is quite a lot of work I figured I should probably ask before I get too terribly far into it.  Also, staring at screens actually gives me a headache in general so I was hoping to find a singular pdf that I could just print out as a booklet, but if no such item exists, then I suppose I would need to do that as well, if that sort of thing is allowed.

Any info on this would be super appreciated.

Thank you for you all's time.
Hello, it's a pleasure to meet you, my name is Mousey! My wife and I are adoring the work that you've done with Final Fantasy D20 and making it as viable a game as possible for the pathfinder system, and we are eager to get started playing it! I've been playing various editions of D&D and other PNP titles for the past 19 years, and am very much getting into board and tabletop game design, and I really love the work you're doing with this.

I've noticed, however, a few things. I want to preface that I see a lot of potential with this, and the last thing I wish to do is offend the creator of this work. But I've noticed a lot of unfinished work, and a lot of outstanding errors in various parts of the system (particularly the bestiary). However, I don't want to just be like "So there's a lot of stuff wrong, can you fix it?" No, I want to help, and I would love to get more involved and provide a second and third set of eyes to work with.

My wife works in the tech industry and I'm disabled, so I have the advantage of her technical know-how and my free time and working game design knowledge. I've been looking for a project like this to get involved with and work on, something to truly sink my teeth into, and it seems like you're stuck working on this alone (I have no idea if you have other people or a team or not, I only have observation for the time being so if I am incorrect I apologize), and I basically want to volunteer my services to help see this come to fruition.

We've already mirrored the website and I've begun working on a small errata list for my own sake that I would be happy to share with you if you are at all interested. I know I'm a stranger, and this might be a little unorthodox, but hey maybe this'll be a good way to make a new friend? Who knows.

The point is, I would really, really love to get more involved with this FFD20 project of yours! It's awesome looking and I wish to contribute!
I currently have a Burmecian Scholar(Archmage) with Merciful Spell, and am planning on adding a Varg Black Belt(not sure if I should use an archetype), a second spellcaster, and a skills dude who looks eerily similar to the villain. I plan on having the villain carry out his misdeeds through people he's brainwashed/hypnotized/manipulated.
Any suggestions?
I know this got brought up awhile ago, but not sure if the issues with the forums lost them.  There was something brought up before about the spells that should have accompanied Flare and Flare II.  I know it used to be Quake, Frost, Flood, Burst, Tornado, and not sure if there was a Holy and Shadow variant, though it would be cool. There was a Mark I and Mark II version. It was like the -aga and -aja spells but inflicted status effects too.  Any idea if they just got completely scrapped? I have a few elementalists who are wondering about them again. I saw that someone, (Can't remember your name, forgive me.) was expanding the magic list, but didn't see that line of spells. Any help would be appreciated.
Oh man i have been going through things step by step to try and get as much of the game in as i can. I have a great memory so once i read most of it once or at most twice i usually dont have to reference it again. 
Anyway i just made it to the Ki Warrior monk archetype and dude Thank you. From everyone that is an anime fan and has ever tried to emulate their favorite characters. Thank you!! If i ever play a game of this that someone else GM's you have made the choice for my Main easy sir.
Hey all Smile I just had a question

In our current campaign I'm playing a Holy Knight and we've just attained level 5, but I really can't decide which Holy Sword technique to take.. I just don't like Cleansing Strike or Northswain's Strike.

All of them are very good and I won't get another for some time, so what do all of you like the most?

My character Eleanor is a a varg built to be on the front lines and uses a shield, I've been taking shield feats for myself. She has no ranged weapons and is using our group's chocobo as a mount.

For reference our current party is:
Morpher Blue Mage
Abyssal Dark Knight (variant multiclass dragoon)
Dragon Herald Bard
White Mage/Tamer (multi-class)
Sage Red Mage
Archon Holy Knight (me)

Thanks! Big Grin
I've had to turn on account verification on due to the bots getting through too rapidly these days. I'll be eyeing them with scrutiny to ban bots.
In case anyone wants to use my Discord channel to run games or hang out. Just be courteous if people are running a game in the game channels.

ok so i have everything on google drive so is there anything i have created that you guys would like me to replace?
So... I pretty much messed up my forums. I have no backup and I'm really pissed at myself for not researching more. I apologize for my mess up. I'm not sure what I'm going to do at this point. Either try to rebuild the forums or find a forums where I can't mess things up again. If anyone has suggestions for some excellent free forums, let me know. I'm going to bash my head against my keyboard for awhile.

Edit/Update: I actually found a backup. Its over a year old though, but better than nothing at all. Please bear with me as I try to fix the background problem.

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