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Holy Sword Suggestions
Hey all Smile I just had a question

In our current campaign I'm playing a Holy Knight and we've just attained level 5, but I really can't decide which Holy Sword technique to take.. I just don't like Cleansing Strike or Northswain's Strike.

All of them are very good and I won't get another for some time, so what do all of you like the most?

My character Eleanor is a a varg built to be on the front lines and uses a shield, I've been taking shield feats for myself. She has no ranged weapons and is using our group's chocobo as a mount.

For reference our current party is:
Morpher Blue Mage
Abyssal Dark Knight (variant multiclass dragoon)
Dragon Herald Bard
White Mage/Tamer (multi-class)
Sage Red Mage
Archon Holy Knight (me)

Thanks! Big Grin
Holy Explosion is my personal favorite for having an all-around useful ranged damage option, since Holy Knights are heavily geared towards melee. As for your character in particular, Hallowed Bolt is probably the best thematically, since you deal some holy/lightning damage but, more importantly, force a dispel check on the target.

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