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How may I get more involved?
Hello, it's a pleasure to meet you, my name is Mousey! My wife and I are adoring the work that you've done with Final Fantasy D20 and making it as viable a game as possible for the pathfinder system, and we are eager to get started playing it! I've been playing various editions of D&D and other PNP titles for the past 19 years, and am very much getting into board and tabletop game design, and I really love the work you're doing with this.

I've noticed, however, a few things. I want to preface that I see a lot of potential with this, and the last thing I wish to do is offend the creator of this work. But I've noticed a lot of unfinished work, and a lot of outstanding errors in various parts of the system (particularly the bestiary). However, I don't want to just be like "So there's a lot of stuff wrong, can you fix it?" No, I want to help, and I would love to get more involved and provide a second and third set of eyes to work with.

My wife works in the tech industry and I'm disabled, so I have the advantage of her technical know-how and my free time and working game design knowledge. I've been looking for a project like this to get involved with and work on, something to truly sink my teeth into, and it seems like you're stuck working on this alone (I have no idea if you have other people or a team or not, I only have observation for the time being so if I am incorrect I apologize), and I basically want to volunteer my services to help see this come to fruition.

We've already mirrored the website and I've begun working on a small errata list for my own sake that I would be happy to share with you if you are at all interested. I know I'm a stranger, and this might be a little unorthodox, but hey maybe this'll be a good way to make a new friend? Who knows.

The point is, I would really, really love to get more involved with this FFD20 project of yours! It's awesome looking and I wish to contribute!
Hi and welcome! I could use all the help you have. While I do most of the work, ForTheSeen handles the Bestiary side of the website and Azurift handles the website in general.

Any errors to be fixed will be helpful.

Come check my discord:

It'll be easier to talk there, and you can meet others like yourself.


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