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Magic Gear?
How do you guys handle it? Are Pathfinder items, (Ex. Boots of speed, Decanter of endless water, bracers of archery, etc) in your Final Fantssy worlds?
For the most part, yeah. There are a lot of Wondrous items that have abilities identical to PF spells though, and as those don't exist in FFd20 I'd usually take them with a grain of salt.
We do. So far just the standard stuff has appeared (I am a PC so idk how the GM is figuring everything out) cloak of resist, ring of deflect... the basics. The more interesting loot has been the FF loot though just because there are a lot of bracelets and that isn't a super common equipment type for out party.

Also- we got some groovy material as loot and the party went all Yuffie and got excited!

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