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Magic Gear? - PocketsMeow - 07-12-2015

How do you guys handle it? Are Pathfinder items, (Ex. Boots of speed, Decanter of endless water, bracers of archery, etc) in your Final Fantssy worlds?

RE: Magic Gear? - dairius_chi - 07-12-2015

For the most part, yeah. There are a lot of Wondrous items that have abilities identical to PF spells though, and as those don't exist in FFd20 I'd usually take them with a grain of salt.

RE: Magic Gear? - What's in the box? - 07-14-2015

We do. So far just the standard stuff has appeared (I am a PC so idk how the GM is figuring everything out) cloak of resist, ring of deflect... the basics. The more interesting loot has been the FF loot though just because there are a lot of bracelets and that isn't a super common equipment type for out party.

Also- we got some groovy material as loot and the party went all Yuffie and got excited!