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Hybrid Suggestions
Ohohohoho... if Maneuvers from Path of War and Tome of Battle become integrated officially, and not just for GMs that let you take the Martial Training chains of feats... I might squee, just a little.

I've had a fun time building characters with some of these maneuvers. The actual base classes are alright, I'm more a fan of the fan-made archetypes for Paladin, Fighter, and Monk that give limited Maneuver use. Definitely make sure to look over and consider including the stuff that's still only hosted in the forums rather than just what was released...

I'm talking Riven Hourglass, Piercing Lance, Mithral Current, Shattered Mirror, Cursed Razor, etc... Sleeping Goddess might be able to get reworked for MP instead of Psionics...? But I'd say it's likely a hassle.
Something I'd like to see would be a Hybrid Summoner/Black Mage and a Summoner/White Mage. So characters like Rydia and Yuna (probably two of the most iconic summoners of the series) could get some proper love. Tongue
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