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Official Update Thread
30 summoner spells to go. Woo. Then I need to rework the Summoner's pet. D:
Will it be using the same system, ported from PF?
(04-30-2013, 06:40 PM)Nihilarian Wrote: Will it be using the same system, ported from PF?

Yes/no. My plan is to have the player choose an Aeon at 1st level, and it will gain abilities/evolutions pre-planned out.

For example, if you choose Carbuncle... It will start off as Quadruped base form and have some evolutions set in addition to the normal base form evolutions. You won't get evolution points to spend though. As Carbuncle levels up, he gets more evolutions and spell-like abilities.

Yes, its less customization, but more of a FF-feel.
I can get behind that.

Will the Summoner be limited to that one Eidolon for the entirety of his career, or will he get to choose multiple that he can summon (but only one at a time)? If not in the base class, a feat or PrC, perhaps? Or even a spell?

I'd also make a note saying that if the player is interested in a summon not represented by the eidolons available, he should work together with the DM to plan out an eidolon that does. A dozen or so summons is somewhat restrictive considering how many summons have come and gone over the years, but then again I don't want to ask you to write out stat blocks for summons that only appeared in one game.
13 more spells to go. Woot.

As far as Nih's question... not quite sure yet.

And yeah, that would be alot of work to stat out, considering there are roughly 60-70 different types of summons, aeons, guardian forces, eidolons, etc.
5/1/2013 - Update: Finally finished the Summoner Spell List. Over the next week or so, will be doing an overhaul on the Summoner class, changing how their pets work and a few class abilities.
Awww snap! Cool

Looks like I'll be able to add the Summoner class afterall. Time to step up development. Wink
5/15/2013 - Update: Finally finished the Summoner class. Also added some new spells to the Summoner Spell List. Fixed some minor errors under skills and some spells.
The PDF link for Diablo doesn't work.
(05-15-2013, 08:56 PM)Wolfen Fenrison Wrote: The PDF link for Diablo doesn't work.

Fixed, thanks for the heads up.
No updates. Gah. I have this Writer's Block feeling whenever I sit down to update or add new things to FFd20. I know, partly, what things I need done and stuff I want to add, but I'm just drawing a blank or getting distracted by other things.

My Current stuff on my plate that I need/want to do:

1. Update Bestiary to Pathfinder. Add a couple of monsters that I've been putting off.
2. Design/Create Archetypes.
3. Design/Create Illusionist and Medic class.
4. Change the Support Droid ability from Engineer class.
5. Add in Illusion spells for Illusionist.
Minor Update: Changed A Knight's Protection Limit Break from the Knight class. Also changed Diamond and Onyx Magister's Limit Breaks as well.

Still working on the Monster Compendium Pathfinder conversion. Its a long process. I've included a few in the PDF section. Finished A - D.
Major Update: Finished the Monster Compendium Pathfinder conversion. All monsters got tweaked, nerfed, enhanced, and buffed. Blue Mages got a few more spells and a couple revised ones as well. Summoner got a new spell to summon their avatars if dead.

On the Horizon:
More Blue Magic Spells based on Pathfinder monsters
Illusionist and (maybe) Medic base class
MagiTeks Overhaul
(07-24-2013, 02:58 PM)Viladin Wrote: On the Horizon:
(maybe) Medic base class
I find these two very interesting and am looking forward to the next update, though don't burn yourself out. Tongue
If history is to change, let it change. If the world is to be destroyed, so be it. If my fate is to die, I must simply laugh.
- Magus, Chrono Trigger
(07-24-2013, 05:43 PM)chaoticangel97 Wrote:
(07-24-2013, 02:58 PM)Viladin Wrote: On the Horizon:
(maybe) Medic base class
I find these two very interesting and am looking forward to the next update, though don't burn yourself out. Tongue

I've been wanting to create a Healing class based off technology so White/Red Mages doesn't feel trapped to play.

I have a general outline for the class, just need more abilities.
Minor update: Overhauled the Magiteks, looking buffed and scary now. Kinda regretting giving my current group 2 of them. But they probably forgot about them.

Went over the Monster Compendium once again and fixed a few errors. I also added the entries onto the website instead of just PDFs. (Finally.)
Minor update: Converted a few of the Ability Materia over to Pathfinder feats. Added 2 more Independant Materia (HP and MP Materia). Changed the costs for Spells, a bit more expensive, more on line with FF1's spell cost, but less:

Spells are and should be more powerful and this change reflects the costs. Scribe Scrolls feat reduces this cost, but by the time mages get to the higher levels, they should have enough money to spend carefully on what spells they want.
Major update: Created a few archetypes (with the help of Nihilarian). Some aren't done. And I'm far from being done, but wanted to put this update up for the few I do have done.

Archetypes are listed under the class section of the website.
Major update: Created a new archetype for white mages (Netherseer). Minor changes/nerfs to Blue Mages (Some changes to Blue Magery and Azure Physical). Major changes to Engineers (changed Support Droids). Minor changes to Archer (added a couple of new abilities). Minor nerf to Monks (changed Full BAB to 3/4ths). Added a new optional Action Point system (lifted from d20 Modern). Located under Miscellaneous Rules.
Minor update: Changed Bard's aura size to 15 feet. Also changed Bard's Inspiration and Grant Move Action abilities from standard actions to move actions. Changed Dark Knight's Blood Weapon limit break to heal half of the damage dealt instead of full. Made some minor editing on every class. The new Starting Gil list has finally been updated. Located here:

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