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Official Update Thread - Viladin - 10-04-2012

[color=#FF0000]11/3/2011[/color] - Red Mage: Nerf the amount of Convert uses to equal 3 + Cha Mod and removed the improved versions of Convert. 5:1 is fine as it is. Dark/Holy Knights are no longer subsidiaries of the Knight class. They are now their own Base Class and to reflect such, each got a minor change. Monk's martial arts ability is now based on monk level and not at specific monk level (I know that doesn't make sense, just read it.) Now Monk PrCs gain the benefits of increased unarmed strike damage and critical hit threat range. Monk's Capstone ability changed for the better, gaining a +2 strength/dexterity/wisdom. Engineer's Automaton changed to reflect the changes in Animal Companions.

[color=#FF0000]11/4/2011[/color] - Major update: Fighter and Beastmaster got a major overhaul. Blue Mage's limit break changed. Engineer got a major overhaul as well.

[color=#FF0000]11/5/2011 [/color]- Minor update: Changed/updated some of the Fighter's and Monk's abilities.

[color=#FF0000]11/6/2011[/color] - Minor update: Dark Knight/Holy Knight got a couple of revisions. Berserker, Geomancer, Mystic Knight, and Ruby Magister prestige classes got a few changes.

[color=#FF0000]11/8/2011[/color] - Major update: Chemist base class created.

[color=#FF0000]11/9/2011[/color] - Major update: Chocobo Knight base class created.

[color=#FF0000]11/13/2011[/color] - Minor update: Updated the website with the changes.

[color=#FF0000]11/17/2011[/color] - Major update: Updated the website for Weapons, Armor, Materia, and Goods and Services.

[color=#FF0000]1/19/2012 [/color]- Minor update: Finished the Alchemical Item list for Chemists and those who took the Craft Alchemical Item feat. And reworked the Thief base class. It seemed lackluster compared to the other classes.

[color=#FF0000]1/22/2012 [/color]- Blue Mage upgraded from d4 to d6 hit points. Fighter's Reliable Strike got upgraded from once per day every 5 levels to 3 + Constitution modifier per day.

[color=#FF0000]1/27/2012[/color] - Monk base class's Ki system got reworked. Ninja prestige class got an overhaul, adopting Monk's Ki system. Chemist got a minor change to their discoveries. White Mage's Holy Burst nerfed down to 15 foot radius.

[color=#FF0000]1/28/2012[/color] - Skald prestige class created (Skyrim themed Bard prestige class). And a slight Fighter nerf that noone will care cuz noone reads this anyways.

[color=#FF0000]2/3/2012[/color] - Materia section revamped and added new Summon Materia.

[color=#FF0000]2/8/2012[/color] - Azure Magister renamed to Sapphire Magister and Beastmaster got another overhaul.

[color=#FF0000]2/9/2012[/color] - Updated the website with the new changes as well as added new feats for Monks, Dark Knights, and Holy Knights. Changed the accessories that grant the Toughness feat to grant a static amount of HPs instead. Drop some prices for accessories.

[color=#FF0000]2/20/2012[/color] - Minor change to Mastercrafted weapons. The bonus to weapons also ignores damage reduction.

[color=#FF0000]2/22/2012[/color] - Major changes to Bard and Summoner base classes. As well as slight changes to bard prestige classes (Dancer, Mediator, and Skald).

[color=#FF0000]4/4/2012[/color] - Minor changes to all the FF races and added three new ones (Aegyl, Gria, and Seeq). I have dropped all the negative stats.

[color=#FF0000]4/10/2012[/color] - Minor HP change to Archer and Gunner base class, upgraded to d8's. The FFd20 main book pdf updated with all the new changes.

[color=#FF0000]9/3/2012 [/color]- Changed the Materia Proficiency feat. Reduced Galka's speed to 20 feet. Monk's Aurablast was changed.

[color=#FF0000]9/9/2012 [/color]- Major update: Archer class got a minor overhaul. Beastmaster's natural weaponry got tweaked and lowered to 1st level. Added two new feats (Improved Deadly Aim and Supreme Deadly Aim). Added Thievery skill to replace Open Locks and Sleight of Hand. Added Greatbow to the weapon section.

[color=#FF0000]9/27/2012[/color] - Minor update: Archer's 5th and 10th level abilities changed from Deadly Aim and Improved Precise Shot to Rapid Shot and Manyshot. Gunner's 5th and 10th level abilities changed from Rapid Shot and Manyshot to Double Tap and Burst Fire. The modern feats will be put in the Feat Section.

[color=#FF0000]9/30/2012[/color] - Major update: Bard got an overhaul as well as bard songs. Knight got a minor overhaul. Working on Black/White Mage next as well as spells. Finished with a minor overhaul on Black and White mage classes. Will have spells eventually done over the week.

[color=#FF0000]10/2/2012[/color] - Major update: Engineer got a massive overhaul and Knight got tweaked again.

[color=#FF0000]10/3/2012[/color] - Minor update: Minor overhauls were applied to Holy Knight and Dark Knight. Minor adjustments were made to Bard and Knight.

[color=#FF0000]10/4/2012[/color] - Minor update: Salvage removed from feats, added to Engineer class as a class feature.

As usual, check the PDFs in the PDF section of the website to see the updated material. I will usually update the website with the changes within a week.

RE: Official Update Thread - Viladin - 10-05-2012

[color=#FF0000]10/5/2012[/color] - Minor update: Minor changes to Skald prestige class, and major overhaul to Judge Magister prestige class.

RE: Official Update Thread - Viladin - 10-06-2012

[color=#FF0000]10/6/2012[/color] - Minor update: Changes to the Beastmaster's natural weapons to a feral fighting style. Minor nerf to Beastmaster's trip bonus from Wolf companion. Added new rage power. Changed Blue Mage back to an Int caster. White Mage talents changed.

RE: Official Update Thread - Viladin - 10-07-2012

[color=#FF0000]10/7/2012[/color] - Minor update: New Bard (Bardic Performance) feats. Listed here:

RE: Official Update Thread - Viladin - 10-08-2012

[color=#FF0000]10/8/2012[/color] - Minor update: Number of Materia slots for Armor has changed. Listed here:

RE: Official Update Thread - Viladin - 10-11-2012

[color=#FF0000]10/11/2012[/color] - Minor update: Chocobo Knight and Beastmaster receive starting stats for their respective pets. Chocobo Knight gaining the various colors of chocobos as well. Chocobos themselves have been updated. FFd20 book now updated as well. Still working on correcting the website though.

RE: Official Update Thread - Viladin - 10-14-2012

[color=#FF0000]10/14/2012[/color] - Major update - Changed out Fighter's Bonus Feats for Fighter Talents. Changed Monk, dropped the whole Ki system and added a few random abilities. Added a few random Gunnery talents for Gunner class.

RE: Official Update Thread - Viladin - 10-23-2012

[color=#FF0000]10/23/2012 [/color]- Minor update - Samurai and Mystic Knight prestige classes got an overhaul. Elemental Fists Disciple prestige class changed to a mana-based system. Minor editing throughout.

RE: Official Update Thread - Viladin - 10-23-2012

[color=#FF0000]10/23/12[/color] - Major Update: Made changes to the Knight class, fleshed out more talents and moved stuff around as well as added a few "taunts".

RE: Official Update Thread - Viladin - 11-03-2012

[color=#FF0000]11/3/12[/color] - Major update: Major overhaul of the spell database, updated all spell lists to reflect this major change. Created and edited the Necromancer base class. Summoner's Greater Summon ability changed. New Blue Mage feat (Azure Learning). Critical hit system going back to normal, all weapons will be converted back to their multiplying damaging ways. Fencer prestige class (created by Nihilarian, edited by me) created.

RE: Official Update Thread - Viladin - 11-14-2012

[color=#FF0000]11/14/12[/color] - Major update: Melded the Holy/Divine Knight classes and the Dark/Fell Knight classes, dropped Divine/Fell Knight prestige classes.

RE: Official Update Thread - Alpha Stryke - 11-17-2012

Hey there,

The changes to the Holy/Dark Knight are not showing yet in the class descriptions. Also, the Divine/Fell PRCs are still showing.

Any ETA on when they will be updated?


RE: Official Update Thread - Viladin - 11-17-2012

They are updated in the PDFs. Just haven't updated the website yet.

RE: Official Update Thread - Alpha Stryke - 11-17-2012

Awesome!! Going to check 'em out! Smile

Ok, this is pretty good and closer to FF:Tactics holy knight.

However, Holy Techs at every 5 levels is IMO too far apart. You need to be at least level 5 before having the first one.

Why not remove stuff like White Mage casting, Blessing, Lay on hands and smite evil? In place of these, focus on Holy Sword Techs, granting them earlier (level 1 in fact if possible) and sooner couple of levels, making them multi target and do more damage? (again, this is not for want of powergaming or anything, just to make the class like Agrias Oaks and Delita)

The abilities removed can be collapsed into a new class, the Paladin which would be the class people who want to play Cecil type characters can play?

Another thing, the Holy Sword Techs were of varying power levels and thus had a variable difference in Job points to purchase them in Tactics. Would it be possible to represent that in this class, say maybe give more powerful techs a level requirement so they can't be purchased at lower level?

I've just looked at Hk, will look at DK tomorrow morning! (really late here, going to bed!)

Thanks again for an amazing conversion and regular updates and responsiveness! Big Grin

RE: Official Update Thread - chaoticangel97 - 11-17-2012

I can understand where your coming from Alpha as there's definitely some classes I'd like to see closer to a specific version of them from the franchise but the Holy Knight isn't supposed to just be the one from Tactics, or the Paladin from the other games. It's meant to represent a type of character from the Final Fantasy franchise as a whole. If you look you'll see that most of the FFd20 classes don't just use abilities from one version of them from the series but are amalgams of different versions of them. The Holy Knight and Dark Knight are no different. Now of course this is how I tend to look at these classes since this is supposed to be a universal FFd20 and not a direct conversion of a specific game.

RE: Official Update Thread - Viladin - 12-30-2012

Slight update: Updated the Main PDF file. That's it. I am taking a break from updating for awhile.

RE: Official Update Thread - Wolfen Fenrison - 01-02-2013

is all the recent additions and changes in the main pdf now?

RE: Official Update Thread - Viladin - 01-02-2013

(01-02-2013, 02:51 AM)Wolfen Fenrison Wrote: is all the recent additions and changes in the main pdf now?


RE: Official Update Thread - Wolfen Fenrison - 01-03-2013

So is safe to print out the pdfs or are there more changes coming?

RE: Official Update Thread - Viladin - 01-03-2013

(01-03-2013, 06:11 AM)Wolfen Fenrison Wrote: So is safe to print out the pdfs or are there more changes coming?

There's definitely going to be more changes. Summoner and Chocobo Knight at the least. Just not sure when I'll get them finished.