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FFd20 Miscellaneous Rules

Limit breaks are special abilities that all base and prestige classes get at 1st level. To activate a limit break requires a standard action and you can only activate a limit break while your health is 50% or less. At 1st level, you get 1 limit break usage per day, and every 4 levels thereafter, you gain an additional limit break usage.


In Final Fantasy, it's easy to die as easy it is to be revived. But there is a penalty for Death, not as heinous as D&D's death system, but still a penalty that could get you or your party in trouble.

For each death in a single day, you suffer a -1 penalty to Attack Rolls, Armor Class, Skill Checks, and Saving Throws. You also suffer a -1 temporary Constitution loss. And they stack.

These penalties last until you have a full night's rest (at least 8 hours uninterrupted). If you, somehow, die as many times as you have in your Constitution score, you are, irreversibly dead. No amount of Raise spells will bring you back.
Can you give optional rules for perma death? In most FF games if the entire on screen party is reduced to 0 hp, then the game is over (meaning they all die). In Tactics, if you do not revive your party member within 3 turns, he is permanently dead.

I prefer the above rules, as it adds spice to a game. If you do not fear death, then IMO it takes enjoyment away from the game

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