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Prismatican Deific Order
Prismatican Deific Order

Alignment: Neutral

Limit Breaks:
Elemental Ruin (SU): as a standard action a Prismatican can
call down a hail of chaotic elemental energy in a 40ft wide and 40ft high column. This attack hits all enemies within the area for 1d6 elemental damage +1d6 per cleric level.
This damage is always prioritizes elemental weaknesses and avoids elements that are resisted, absorbed, or the target is immune to (If he user is resistant to all energy this is non-elemental)
The storm lasts 1 round + 1 round per four cleric levels

Prismatic Barrier (Su): as a standard action a Prismatican can construct a shimmering multicolored wall of pure magic.
The Prismatican can create 10ft of wall +10ft per cleric level and the wall lasts for 1 round +1 per cleric level
The Prismatican chooses one spell from their spell list for each color of the wall
Black, White, Red, Blue, and Green.
Enemies within the area of the wall when created or attempting to pass through it must make a reflex save
(10+ 1/2 cleric lvl+ Cha mod) or be effected by one of the wall's colors
roll a d100 to determine the spell 1-20 Black, 21-40 White, 41-60 Red,
61-80 Blue, and 81-100 Green. Once the effect of the spell is triggered the color is removed from the wall

A Prismatican casts white magic spells which are drawn from the white mage spell list. A Prismatican begins play with 3 1st level white mage spells of her choice.
The Prismatican also selects a number of additional 1st-level spells equal to her Intelligence modifier to add to her list of spells. These extra spells can be from any other colored spell list (Black, Blue, Green, White, or Red)
Each time a character attains a new cleric level, she gains two spells of her choice to add to her list of spells.
The two free spells must be of spell levels she can cast. Like most mages, a Prismatican can find or purchase scrolls with spells to add to her repertoire.

To learn or cast a spell, the Prismatican must have a Intelligence score equal to at least 10 + the spell level (Wis 11 for 1st-level spells, Wis 12 for 2nd-level spells, and so forth).
The Difficulty Class for a saving throw against a Prismatican’s spell is 10 + the spell level + her Intelligence modifier.
In addition, a Prismatican gains additional MP for having a high attribute (Intelligence)

The Prismatican may use their Intelligence modifier whenever a spell calls for a casting stat or determines effects or durations of spell


Class Skills
Add Perception to your list of class skills.
In addition, she gains a bonus on Spellcraft checks equal to half her cleric level.

Favored Weapon:
Power Staff

Magic, Rune, Knowledge, Time

1st level
Color of Choice (Ex):
Beginning at 1st level at the start of each day a Prismatican can select one school of magic.
Spell DCs of the chosen school are increased by +1, this bonus increases to +2 at 5th level, +3 at 10th, +4 at 15th, and +5 at 20th
Once chosen the choice cannot be changed untit the start of the next day.

3rd Level
Adaptive Channel (Su):
At 3rd level a Prismatican can choose to channel positive or negative energy each time they use the ability

6th Level
Magic Diffusion (Su):
When a Prismatican is targeted by a spell they may spend 1 use of channel energy as an imidiate action to gain Spell Resistance equal to 11+HD until the start of their next turn
If a spell is blocked in this way the Prismatican may regain mana equal to half the spell's level. Minimum 1

9th Level
Clash of Colors (Su):
When an enemy attempts to cast a spell, as an immediate action and at the cost of 1 use of their channel energy, a Prismatican may cast a spell of equal level or higher from the same school to negate the effect of the opposing spell.

12th Level
Liberate Magic (Su):
3 times for day When a Prismatican successfully dispels a magical effect on a target they may choose to steal the effect.
The effect lasts for the remaining time it would have lasted on the target.

15th level
Mixing the Colors (Sp):
A Prismtica has become so intwined with the Prismatic mage's tapestry that they are able to weave their own art from.
A prismatican can, as a full round action summon the Tapestry to cast one spell from each color of magic. The caster can cast one spell of each color, spending mana as appropriate and choosing targets for the indevidual spells,
up to a total combined spell level of 15. The Prismatican can use this ability once at 15th level and a second use at 20 and the spell level pool is increased to 25.

18th level
Personal Prism-scape (Sp):
At 18th level, your otherworldly connection with your patron is so strong that your subconscious cleaves off a small portion of the Faceted Halls for use as your own private sanctuary.
Your Personal Prism-scape is created the first time you use this ability, and is decorated with articles tying to your choice of color for that day.
Thereafter, you always visit this same home.
You can place a portal to your Personal Prism-scape once every 24 hours, but placing a new portal destroys the previous one, and you can not move the entrance while you are inside.
As long as you are not in your Personal Prism-scape, time ceases to pass for anything and anyone still in your pocket dimension; creatures cannot move, objects do not decay, and everything remains exactly the same as you left it the last time you visited the plane.
Time continues as normal whenever you are inside your Personal Prism-scape. This ability is otherwise identical to mage’s magnificent mansion.

20th level
One with the Pattern (Su):
At 20th level, a Prismatican's soul becomes fasetted and layered with each color of magic and one with the prismatic realm of their deity.
You gain DR 10/- and immunity to curse, paralysis, disable, silence, berzerk and sleep.
You can always act in the surprise round of combat, and you cannot be caught flat-footed.
You gain unlimited use of your Liberate Magic ability and may choose 3 different colors when you select your color of choice.

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