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Final Fantasy 7
I was having a conversation about FFd20 with my group the other day, and a question came up: how do characters from FF7 translate to FFd20? The character builds of FFd20 seem to violate the premise of FF7.

Would all characters receive an amount of MP? Would spellcasters have their spells known removed? And if so, how would spellcasters be compensated for their now diminished status?
Just high ranks in Use Materia.
Cloud; Hume Fighter/SOLDIER
Berret; Hume Gunner
Tifa; Hume Monk
Aerith; Cetra White Mage
Red XIII; Bugan Red Mage
Cait Sith; Hume Engineer/Lucky Gambler (preferring to act through his automaton)
Cid; Hume Dragoon
Yuffie; Hume Thief/Ninja
Vincent; Gunner/Blue Mage
Vincent could also have the Gun Mage prestige class too Smile
Rather than addressing the differences between system and setting, just hand wave the differences? I can see that being functional.

Has anyone considered the idea of "setting hacks" to bring the system mechanics closer to the disparate FF settings?
what do you mean by "Setting Hacks"? Taking out parts that don't belong in a particular world?
I've taken the term "Hack" from World of Darkness' Mirrors book. It's their optional rule supplement. "Hack" simply refers to any rule change for the benefit of storytelling, like "Guns Kill" to increase realism or "Meat Shields" which makes characters tougher. Hacks don't necessarily need to be consistent to work, but players need to be kept abreast of them in advance.

One of the first things we all thought about when making any of the Final Fantasy games into a table top experience was using MP of some kind. Spell Points was an excellent hack for that. The Technology supplement would also be a hack. Not every world needs to use the same rule set. I've already posted a few suggestions for how to create a group of setting hacks for FF7.
The point of this game is to bring elements from every final fantasy; races, classes, prestige classes, monsters, spells, and a lot more into one game/setting. Anyone is free to limit the options available to material from a single final fantasy game, but this game is presented as a cohesive whole.
What he said.
I have an idea, why don't we make a list of changes needed to make a more specified campaign setting and present it in a pdf as a sort of GM handbook so that GMs are given ideas on how to make their campaign specific to a particular FF game.

For example, playing in a campaign based on FF IX, players have access to certain prestige classes, magic items, etc.

It might work, what do you guys think?

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