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Forum is dead?
Hey all, or anyone for that matter. I stumbled across this site seeking a FFRPG tabletop game. There were other games/groups I got involved with, but they did away with any form of class system or rolling for starting stats. Mostly seemed to be home brewed rules, with minimal FF influence.

I am posting on this forum to see if there are any active gaming groups or campaigns? Unfortunately these forums seem awfully desolate. If there is anybody here willing to gm, or already has a campaign underway or willing to start a new one with a new player, I would be interested in trying FF out with a d20 conversion.

Thanks ahead of time.
If you're looking for a more active area for FFD20 you'll want to hop on the FFD20 Discord server (The link is at the bottom of the FFD20 homepage where you found the one that brought you here) as there is a channel specifically for game adverts. From what I've seen of the channel so far there are usually at least a few games looking for players at any given time.

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