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Aetherial Corruption Archetypes/Optional Systems [FFXIV Based]
Was pointed to throw my stuff up on here!

Here is my current project of taking the XIV corruption from abusing aetherial manipulations in the setting, and applying it to FFD20.

FFXIV Corruption Mod for FFd20

I have a project list/goal there as well, and as of this posting getting near complete with the main 3 archetypes that focus on corruption as a mechanic. Black mage gets ...of the Black, red mage gets ...of the Red, and white mage gets ...of the White.

I love feedback and take it all seriously as I'm trying to do my best to make this as fair and fun, as well as fit XIV's lore and feel in design! I'm most active in the Discord (easier for me to see) so feel free to @me in the community content feedback with questions, commentary, improvements, whatever!

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