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    In my campaign, a player wants to have access to a MAGUN like from Final Fantasy Unlimited, but my every attempt to do this homebrew has set off their "power creep" response--which is to become overwhelmed.  Could somebody take this quest to heart?  Because, like I said, if I make the rules up, its home-brew--ergo "power creep." 

I put hours of work matching chemist discoveries to soil types, and photoshopping little tokens for roll20 so the player could literally choose the soil and load them into the facsimile magun chamber...*sigh*

Anyhow, maybe a Chemist/Summoner hybrid?  A prestige-class geared towards Gun-Chemists?

Looks like a fun world.

(09-08-2019, 01:49 AM)Viladin Wrote: Looks like a fun world.

Thank you!  Should I make a topic about it?  I have made custom graphics for it by Frankensteining Brave-Exvius'.

There are hundreds and hundreds of journal entries--bestiary, equipment, eidolons, lore, landmarks, etc.

I also put together an equipment system.  Its OP, but I just make enemy HP really, really high.


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