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Bonedancer and Necromancer Archtypes
With bone minions now being an archtype instead of a base class feature, it leads to some weird interactions with other archtypes. In base pathfinder, you can only stack archtypes as long as none of them change the same thing. Bonedancer only changes harm touch, which in theory means it can be used by a number of other archtypes. But in practice it leads to some odd interactions.

Blood Mage looses bone commander, but still has harm touch, so can still gain the smaller minions.

Gravewalker says it forgoes summoning undead, but still has harm touch, so can gain Bonedancer.

Necrotic Healer gains a healing Bone Commander, but looses harm touch, so cannot gain access to the Bonedancer cure minion.

Skullshield and Vampire works fine with it.

Warlock still has harm touch, and so can gain Bonedancer and summon all the minions.

Not sure if this is something that needs to be looked at, and isn't exactly an error or clarification, but it is something that I thought should be mentioned.

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