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Monster CR adjuster
I'm going to be running a campaign set in FFXI's Vana'diel very soon, and I'm wondering if there is any sort of calculator anyone has made for Pathfinder that will adjust the stats of monsters if you want to adjust its CR, for example putting in the basic stats of the CR15 Ifrit listed on the site and having it scale up to CR20 or down to CR10 and having the stats automatically adjust to reflect that.  Because it's set in Vana'diel I'm going to eventually need much higher CR Quadav, Yagudo, Orcs, Goblins, etc.  (Also, really happy that some were already added.)

Also, I've been helped out a lot on this site, enough to make this campaign a reality in the first place.  I'm still very new to Pathfinder, although I'm feeling more confident with it.  I can try and create some item or monster profiles if anyone would like to ask something of me.  In the meantime, as thanks, I fiddled around with Photoshop a little today and managed to make up some custom printable inserts for a DM screen, using Yoshitaka Amano's concept art for FFXI, so I thought I'd share them all here.  They should print the full image on standard 8.5 x 11 paper.

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No calculator that I know of, unfortunately.

As far as I have been doing them. They're similar to creatures of their own stat values for their current CR of course some creatures will be different just due to their race and class (assuming they have one).
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