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Swordsman Archetype rework
Swordsman changes

With the recent change to Swordskills and the Sword Saint, (check them out HERE)the swordsman archetype for sword saint kind of lost it's purpose. Before it was to allow you to get some dark and holy swordkills, but now a normal sword saint can do that. Also one of it's abilities was using a set of feats Paizo made over 4 years ago and never touched again.

With that in mind I went and updated the archetype. Keep in mind when I design things I usually write the first draft up and then tune down as needed after feedback, so many of these abilities may need some reworks. Check out my google doc for the swordsman scholar HERE.

Design notes: Making the class more “swordskill expert.” They live and breath swordskills, forgoing defense and other training.

Color Key
  • Unchanged
  • Altered
  • New addition

Swordsman Scholar
A warrior of the sword. A swordsman scholar devotes himself completely to the study and practice to the many different forms of swordtech.

The swordsman scholar is an archetype of the sword saint class.

Limit Break (Su)
At 1st level, a swordsman receives the Limit Break (Swordplay: Raiden).
Swordplay: Raiden (Su): This Limit Break allows a swordsman to unleash his swordskills in a bombing barrage on his foes. He may use any swordkills known two times without expending any uses. Reflex saves are still made separately for each swordskill. Every four sword saint levels after 1st, he gains an additional swordskill use with this ability. He can use the same swordskill or different swordskills for each use. He can split each swordskill used among as many targets in range as desired or unleash them all on one enemy. This limit break requires only a swift action.
This ability replaces the Limit Break (Perfect Parry).

Swordman’s Knowledge (EX)
At 1st level, a swordsman scholar gains insight into swordskills and martial abilities. Whenever a swordsman scholar would have the opportunity to make a intelligence or knowledge check concerning either swordskills, weapons, martial fighting styles/techniques, fighting tactics, or military tactics, they may instead make a swordsman’s Knowledge check.  A Swordsman’s Knowledge check is treated like any other knowledge check but the bonus to the roll is equal to the swordsman scholar’s Cha modifier, swordsman scholar level and plus four.

At 6th level, a swordsman scholar may use his swordsman's knowledge on a opponent to discover weaknesses in their form. The DC for this check is equal to the opponents CR and if successful, the gain one of the following benefits for a number of rounds equal to their CHA modifier.
  • Ignore opponents DR
  • Ignore one armor source of the opponent (armor, shield, deflection ect)
  • Increase the CR of their swordskills by an additional 2
This ability replaces Martial Training and Clad in Steel.

Swordplay (Su)
This ability functions the same as normal, except a swordsman gains less swordskills (see below), and may use any swordskill he knows without needing to ready them. Each swordskill can still only be used once per encounter but can be regained through the swordsman’s Sword Spirit ability.

(see table on the swordsman archetype, Unchanged from original)

This ability modifies swordplay.

Sword Spirit (Su)
At 1st level, as a standard action, the swordsman can unleash his sword spirit to enhance any sword he wields, allowing him to unlock the weapon’s potential. Each day, he gains a number of points of spiritual energy equal to 1 + swordskills known. While wielding a sword, he can spend 1 point of spiritual energy to grant the weapon an enhancement bonus equal to half his swordskills known (minimum +1). Enhancement bonuses gained by this ability stack with those of the weapon, to a maximum of +5. The swordsman can also imbue the weapon with any one weapon special ability with an equivalent enhancement bonus less than or equal to his maximum bonus by reducing the granted enhancement bonus by the amount of the equivalent enhancement bonus. The item must have an enhancement bonus of at least +1 (from the item itself or from sword spirit) to gain a weapon special ability. In either case, these bonuses last for 1 minute.
While his sword is enhanced with his sword spirit, he can spend 1 round of his enhancement, as a swift action, to use a swordskill he has already used for the encounter or use a swordskill without expending its use for the encounter. When he activates sword spirit, he regains a single swordskill use for the encounter.
At 7th level, he can use this ability as a move action, and at 14th level he can use this ability as a swift action.
This ability replaces defensive focus.

Swordskill focus (Ex)
At 3rd level, the swordsman gains further aptitude in wielding all sworskill forms. Increase the DC of all their swordskills by an additional 2 and they are treated as if having all swordskill focus feats (Dark sword focus, Holy Sword focus ect) for the purpose of feat prerequisites.  AT 5th level and every 5 swordsman scholar levels thereafter, he gains a swordskill feat as a bonus feat. He still must meet the prerequisites of any bonus feat.

In addition, when calculating the number of swordskills known for the purpose of class abilities, items or feats, add a bonus to final number equal to half of the known swordskill feats.
This ability replaces warleader, improved warleader, and master warleader.

(for more on Swordskill feats, check out my other post HERE)

Advanced swordskill Training (Ex)
The swordsman scholar focuses perfecting his swordskills above all other talents. Starting at 5th level, he may select one basic swordskill he has learned and choose to gain its Practiced effect. The Swordsman scholar may choose and additional swordskill at 8th and every three levels thereafter.

This ability modifies Practiced skill and replaces steel defence and Born in Steel.

Master Weapon crafter (SU)
The swordsman scholar has become so adept at his swordskills that he may use them to craft magical weapons. For the purpose of crafting magical weapon, the swordsman scholar is treated as having the craft magical weapons and armor feat and uses his swordsman scholar level as his caster level. Instead of spells used, the swordsman scholar uses an amount of spiritual energy equal to the level of the spell needed. He is able to craft any special weapon ability or enhancement in this manner.
In addition, any spellcraft, knowledge check or crafting check required may be replaced with a swordsman’s knowledge check.

This replaces the First blood ability.

Swordskill Master (EX)
All swordskills the swordsman scholar has and will learn may gain the practiced effect. Any swordskills that had gained the ability to choose the practiced effect or would gain the ability to choose the practiced effect gain the perfected effect instead.

This replaces the Perfected Skill ability.

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