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Class idea: Berserker Mage
This is an idea I had for a class based off of Rinoa from FF8 once she gets the angel wings limit break.  The concept is essentially a black mage that can rage similarly to barbarians, but it empowers their spells instead of their physical abilities.

My thoughts for how this might be implemented are as follows:  First, the black mage gains the ability to enter a rage variant that instead of empowering Str and Con increases Int and possibly Dex or Wis, while retaining the penalty to AC and the bonus to Will.  While in this form they would only be capable of casting spells and performing certain skill checks, probably just the barbarian rage skill checks, except maybe also including Spellcraft.  From there you could add additional limitations on which spells they can cast, with the options including "randomly selected from their known spell list each turn" or "roll a dX to determine the level of the spell they can cast, then they can select a spell of that level from their known spell list".  To compensate for these limitations, the spells could cost no MP or have a free, somewhat powerful metamagic feat applied to them, like empower spell and/or extend spell.  Level 0 spells could also be included in the set of randomly cast spells to reduce the odds of them being able to do something useful every turn.

The end goal would be to have very powerful spellcasting while raging in exchange for some of the precision and defensive capabilities that standard spellcasters have.
What about if it was half the barbarian rage but it was limited similar to a red mage where it was touch spells delivered thru melee attacks, with arcanist like spell manipulations replacing rage powers? Like spell strike but you spend extra MP for like a telaporting charge. Maybe the mage gets a increasing amount of free MP to spend on spells and Magi-Rage powers each round the stay in rage but increasing DC checks to exit the rage and stop when there are no enemies left, risking attacking allies and remaining in rage until they are out of rage rounds.

"The enemy mage bellowed, as magic began seeping out of every pore, eyes radiating magic and leaving streaks of magic behind as he focus on his first victim. Then he was just in front of the grunts, like he teleported, swing his staff and where he hit the poor grunts lightning basted them sending them flying.. I've never seen a mage go down like that, Its almost like he lost himself to the magic." - unknown general

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