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Reins of History
I've been developing an amateur adventure path for my group, and thought I'd share it here in case others might be able to make use of it themselves.  It's in an Ivalice setting, but could use Luphey's Chaos Shrine module (referenced with permission).  I'm not familiar enough with official Pathfinder APs to mimic their format or style, so it's simply a PDF with various notes and details I've used in our sessions.  Balancing of challenges and rewards (exp, items, gil, etc.) is totally up to the GM; more experienced GMs may find some things to fix in their own use of this framework.

I've also attached a custom map (made by me) for Cornelia to accompany the AP.

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.pdf   Reins of History AP 1.01.pdf (Size: 172 KB / Downloads: 18)

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