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Archetypes from Tactics A2
So, I've been playing through tactics a2, found two things I can't really replicate under current rules. Namely, the juggler feels like it needs something else, since it was pretty much just the pathfinder version. Namely the ability to inflict status on a single target at range. Seems like something that could be replicated by some sort of spend performance rounds to create a thing to throw. The other one is kind of similar, namely the bangaa's trickster, which I feel like could be made by doing something similar with a gambler able to use luck points to do similar single target debuffing. I'm not great at homebrewing, or I'd have written something up myself
Oops I dropped this
Angry Grammar dark knights are always watching Angry
Tinkered with it a bit when I noticed it got lackluster at later levels. Ring toss got buffed to grant small elemental resistances and acrobatics as a whole can now be used more than just once per round.
Angry Grammar dark knights are always watching Angry
Neat and thank you, been busy or I would have replied sooner

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