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Invoker evolutions: clarification needed?
A heated discussion arose when my group was examining the Invoker archetype of the Summoner base class.  Perhaps some changes to the class's page would provide more clarity.

The Invoke Eidolon ability states that the Invoker gains a pool of evolution points to spend while invoked; however, it does not specify what evolutions these points can be spent on, how many evolution points each evolution costs, whether or not you gain a new pool of evolution points each time you invoke an eidolon, or to which eidolon each evolution is restricted.

Further, the paragraph immediately following describes the gaining of an effect while invoked starting at 3rd level. This can lead to confusing these effects for the abilities that one can spend evolution points on; or if it is these effects one spends evolution points on, this is not properly specified.

I saw a section of the Evoker that described Evolutions, and listed them, grouped by cost. I would recommend something of this nature, and probably state in each entry what eidolon(s) can use them.

TL/DR: The Invoker archetype needs clarification on what to spend evolution points on, how to do so, and whether or not the effects gained starting at level 3 (Invocation Bonuses? Invoked Effects?) are related.

Please forgive me if I'm not familiar with the rules of the forum, for I am new here.

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