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Crazy builds for this great system.
Looking through this system along side Pathfinder, I've noticed some super powerful combinations, and felt it would be fun to start a thread about sharing these. If you have any combinations, theories, or speculations for crazy class/item/feat combos, please share.

I don't know how obvious some of these are, but these are some of the cooler combos I've found

Example 1: Falling Star Jump
As a Dargoon, jumping is amazing, so Skill Focus: Acrobatics is a must, but should you take Skill Unlock: Acrobatics, then when you hit rank 20, you double the result of your jump check, pair that with the Rod of Balance, which halves your DC to jump. this results in a dragoon that puts some anime characters to shame, 20 ranks + your Dex (I just assume +5 for the sake of simplicity) + half your level + 10 from feats = 45 x2 from the unlock x2 from the rod = 220 feet straight up if you roll a 10. Now, take into account that every 10ft beyond the first adds 1d6 to the jumps damage and you have created a monster. Who needs a fly speed!

Example 2: Hawkeye Sharpshooter
The archer is able to dish out some real damage at the cost of very few attacks a round, and triggering one of their readied actions means bad times for you. Bringing them from a bad time to a nightmare is the Overwatch style feats, which will allow you to ready 4 attacks as a full round action. combine that with deadly aim, vital strike, or what have you and you have a mastermind who will kill you if you are predictable.

Example 3: Quicksilver 777
With just 2 levels in Gambler, your Time mage can get 3 turns in a single round. Spend a mote to gain a second swift action, then use 3 luck points for Stacking the Odds to gain a second full round, then use your other swift action to cast Greater Celerity, netting you a 3rd full round. Whats better, if you get yourself a ribbon, you won't even suffer from Greater Celerity's disable effect.

Any others that you guys have found?
A simple one off top my head.

Mighty Reaper:
As a fighter choose scythe as your chosen weapon and go down crit feats what you choose doesn't matter cause  \your gonna rek. and anything that pumps out damage such as power attack. Take a scythe +5 and anything that nets you extra attacks (rain of blows haste etc). Take the squire archetype to get access to sword saint talents go down vanguard to grab might and muscle and destroyer and assail. Now run up get hit. 50% hp Limit break with mighty strikes. all hits are crits at x5 plus 1 1/2 as well as doing half that to adjacent enemies. Rain of blows with that with assuming a 20 STR netting you a base 2d4+5+5+7+6+6+18x5+1/12 per hit. not counting items and materia.
Thats not even getting gritty. Thats just off top my head what you CAN do with a fighters mighty strikes. 50% and win.
Edit: For the record i mostly hate stuff like this (this i why i hate playing fighter), though i am interested to see what you guys come up with.
I've never been one to actually PLAY characters like this, but I love seeing what ridiculous things can be done with the system your given.

Steel Bladed Sword
7 levels in Black Belt nets you the Focus ability, charge up for 3 round, and get an amazing boost to your next attack, but what attack to use? Enter the Samurai, with his ability to expend 3 Sen to unleash Zanmato, you get an attack that deals 8x damage (9x if you crit) to an enemy within 30ft and half that to adjacent enemies that fail the save! Even Yojimbo would be impressed with that kind of damage. Not to mention that was the swift action for that round, so feel free to let loose with a full round after.
Overpowered Grip + slashing grace lets you finesse a buster sword. Throw in fighter (soldier) levels and suddenly you are finessing a 20 foot long, 4 door wide monstrosity. Practical? Probably not but imagining somebody using an airplane like a rapier is entertaining.

More along busted lines is a fencer with the fighter Vmc or fighter levels to get the critical boosting talent before most classes can even get improved critical. Crit on a 10 and fuel your panache for days. Add rain of blows for more critting glory
While it would hardly be broken, one way to make good use of power staves would be to take advantage of the fact that, while they use touch attacks, they're still weapons.

Hume Holy Knight 20

Ability scores at 1st level/20th level (25-point buy):
Str 7/7
Dex 17/22 (item for +5 inherent bonus), 28 if using gloves of dexterity +6
Con 13/13
Int 10/10
Wis 7/7
Cha 20/30 (item for +5 inherent bonus + leveling bonuses), 36 if using headband of charisma +6

Weapon in question: +4 shining burst holy staff of distance and speed (or a +5 if you're okay with just shining instead)

H: Exotic Weapon Proficiency (power staff)
1: Point- Blank Shot
3: Precise Shot
5: Weapon Focus (power staff)
7: Rapid Shot
9: Improved Critical (power staff)
11: Snap Shot
13: Combat Reflexes
15: Improved Snap Shot
17: Improved Precise Shot
19: Greater Snap Shot

Those are all the basic ranged attack feats that would apply (Manyshot doesn't work because the projectiles aren't arrows, and Deadly Aim doesn't function on touch attacks), with some other feats thrown in that might be helpful. With the Holy Knight's Divine Sacrifice ability, a full attack would deal 11d6+51 (~89) holy damage per round when within 30 ft. (~86 without it), not taking critical hits into account, each hit having an attack bonus of +32, +35 on attacks within 30 ft., +42 on AoO, against the enemy's touch AC. Increase the damage to ~92/~89 and the attack rolls to +33/+36/+43 if you go with a +5 weapon instead. If your GM is a stickler and says that you need to have an MP pool to be able to take the proficiency feat, then drop Combat Reflexes or Improved Critical (your choice), move the rest of the feats up, and have EWP and Wild Talent as your first two feats.

Basically, you get an infinite ammo cheat (sort of) on Holy Hand Grenades. You'll be fine for hit points even when using Divine Sacrifice, because you'll have more uses of Lay On Hands (23!!!) than you'll know what to do with, and your damage goes up even more against evil guys (especially undead and dark knights) on top of that. If you go one further and use Smite Evil, any undead, evil fiend, or evil dragon will get RIGGETY-RIGGETY-REKT, SON when you're doing another 80 damage on top of all that. This isn't taking potential vulnerabilities into account either.
Bah. There goes that idea, with the change in how power staves work.
They changed?
Yep. They require a standard action to be used now, which means they won't function with things like Snap Shot or the speed enchantment. At this point, they really should just be considered regular magic items more than actual weapons.

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