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Favorite character
So i was messing around with my title for fun and thought id start a thread on favorite character. Post a pic, and why they are your favorite and what ff they are from. Also im sure this has been done before im just not looking.

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Mine is obviously Kurasame.

Name: Kurasame Susaya
Game: Final fantasy Type-0
Why: Because hes the commanding officer of class zero, an utter badass. Known as the Ice Reaper and was part of a group known as the Four Champions (the strongest soldiers in Rubrum) and is followed by a Tonberry doll.

When one of their number betrayed and attempted to murder the other three, they were defeated with grievous injuries. Though she was near death, Miwa, the female leader in the group cast a spell of revival to save Kurasame. To ensure he would remember what had occurred as the Vermilion Bird Crystal would erase his memories of his fallen comrades, Kurasame wrote the incident down on the ground with his own blood while watching her die.

He stubbornly refused to get his wounded face treated, leaving a scar under his mask, and never fully recovered from the wounds he received from the traitor, resulting in his retirement from the battlefield. Kurasame was the only survivor among the four and it is said that the traitor's Cactuar still lurks within Akademeia.

[Image: tumblr_m7n87vt4rQ1qgi0pqo1_500.jpg]
Jecht - He is a total badass softie that can't admit his feelings. Hes also a "good guy" whom is portrayed as a "bad guy" which is a trope that tends to make me gravitate towards these types of characters. His relentless attitude towards his son, while harsh, is also loving, though Jecht can hardly admit that to even himself. For me he was an intensely relatable character, and his voice actor was fantastic.
[Image: 21.jpg]
I guess it isn't so much a character as a class, but ever since the first FF on NES I have liked the Red Mage. The versatility, the style, the idea of being able to do just about anything.

This has carried over into many other games I've played through the years. My first D&D character was a Ranger because I wanted to be good with swords and cast spells. When I later discovered Warmages, Duskblades, Magi, etc I gravitated more toward those to fill the Red Mage feel I craved. In Elder Scroll games I play a Spellsword style character, swords and spells and good sturdy armor.

If I had to choose a specific character though, I'd have to say Rydia. Her style (green is my all time favorite color), her tragic story, her power, the amazing growth we see her go through as the game progresses. I've always felt a strong connection to her as a character, and not just because she's a badass summoner.

[Image: 230?cb=20160126113757]
Agrias Oaks

[Image: 6bae0844674658bcc3e71891f4c546aa.jpg]

Beautiful Cinnamon Roll Too Good For This World, Too Pure

tied with Meliadoul Tengille

[Image: tumblr_inline_nm1uyk1OhH1trowxi_540.jpg]

Also A Beautiful Cinnamon Roll Too Good For This World, Too Pure
Agrias is awesome - loved her look, loved her character, loved her class. very fun girl indeed

Besides her, I'd say Beatrix of Frimelda are two of my favourite final fantasy characters

though my overall favourite character of the series has to be Lightning; I love her aesthetics, her quiet resolve, the arc she goes through. sure, its poorly told overall, but that dosen't detract from the character in itself Big Grin
Hmm, personal favorite is a tough one for me. My favorite villain would have to be Golbez honestly. As cool and interesting as a lot of them are, he's my favorite. Though that may be because 4 was the first one I ever beat.
Easy. Balthier, after all he is the leading man.
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