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Giant tip game recruitment

So.. I think its alright to link like this yes? I don't remember a restriction agianst it..

Someone is looking for players and GM(s) for a FFd20 game. So far as this posting, its just the original poster and I that have shown interest. But I know some folks like me are sorta new to playing online and have trouble finding games. So crosslisting the game!

Ya'kno in case anyone else has been itching to play but haven't had a good chance. Or have been wanting to GM attempt.

anyone have a lovely day/night/nulltime.
Hi, original poster here!

Just wanted to mention that I'd like this to be run as a Play-By-Post game on the GiantITP or Myth Weavers boards. Or it could be run here, provided someone knows a place that has a good online dice roller if this forum doesn't have one?
#3 has a dice roller, under the armory tab on the menu bar. I don't think I have an account on gitp or mw, I suppose for a chance to play rather than GM an ffd20 game I could be bothered to register on whichever site you decide.
Well, I thought I'd leave exactly where to RP up to the GM, and as long as we have a decent dice roller it doesn't really matter where we are, just that we can have one thread for OC and one thread for OOC/planning
Well several people looking at playing. So getting enough players wouldn't be too hard.
Most of it relies on finding a GM. then I think we'll be able to figure out where to play.

amusingly. Paizo's actual site has some dice rolling ability and their own post by post section too.

So there are a few places I imagine.
I've only recently made an acc at Giant tip and Rdnn myself. Although I dislike GiantTip's weird frame system. it doesn't lend itself well to half screening windows. Haven't explored rdinn enough to know on that site.
Shield wolf, there so far has been quite a few people looking at being players. might wanna go make a giant tip acc, at least temporarily to put in yourself. Since seems far likely that the GM will come from that forum.

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