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New changes in Monk need some explaining
Am i the only one that think that the Monk is a little unbalanced ?

1. I mean i know a lot of thing where taken straight form the Unchained pathfinder monk but can someone explain me why there is so much actions he can stack in 1 round ?

2. Why he can stack multiple style of martial arts, that doesnt make sense. Because your learn a martial arts mastery every 3 level and it dosent say you cant stack them. Can you stack Style feat and normal Martial arts feat ?

3. Why change the fist damage table to d4 instead of normal damage fist progression like other classes and why the critical threat range upgrade, this is so broken

4. There seems to be a lot of ''once per round you can do this stuff'' are they all stacking ? Is possible there is missing terms or action ?

Let me give you an example:

Monk lvl 12:
Weapon: Fist
Magic item (equipped): Amulet of mighty fist +2
AC: 21
Attack Bonus:+19 for 4 attacks at highest Bab, +14 for second,+9 for third
Stats: S-18
Feats: Dragon style (1/12 STR on first punch)
Dragon ferocity (2x STR on first punch + 1/12 STR on all the other)
weapon Specialization
greater weapon Specialization

Potential of Damage if all your attacks hits: (3d4+14) + 4(3d4+12) + (3d4+12 if you use 1 ki point)
Total = min - max :92 - 146
If you use Boost from the monk: min - max is now 117 - 171

Fighter lvl 12:
Weapon: Buster Sword +2
Magic item (equipped):Full plate +2
AC: 21
Attack Bonus:+14 for the first attack,+11 for the rain of blows attack, +6 for second, +1 for third
Stats: S-20

Feats: Power attack
Furious Focus
weapon Specialization
greater weapon Specialization

*with the melee power fighters Talents and Rain of blows

Potential of Damage is all your attack hits : 3(2d8+21) + (2d8+21 if Rain of Blows)
Total = min - max: 92 - 148

i just want to know if its normal thats a monk has better chance to hit and do damage or if i miss anything that make the warrior better or whatever.
Not critisizing BTW, i just want to understand the logic behind it.

N.B. First post Tongue
The monk relies heavily on abilities that can only be used so many times per day where as the fighter does not.

Even with weapon focus (which is needed for weapon spec) you are still short 1 feat on both builds.

Using your build this is what i got:
Hit: +23/+18/+13 (BAB +12, Str +5, Chosen Weapon +3, Enhancement +2, +1 Weapon Focus)

Damage: 2d8+27 (+2 Enhancement, +7 Str, +9 Power Attack, +4 Greater/Weapon Spec, +3 Chosen Weapon, +2 Melee Power)

So Full Atk with power attack: +21/+18/+13/+8 (Not 100% on whether rain of blows penalty is only on the additional attack, assuming it is on all the attacks)
Damage: 2d8+27 / 2d8+30/ 2d8+30 /2d8+30 = 181 Possible Damage
(+3 Damage on all attacks after first during full atk from backswing)

I would think that if you were wielding a buster sword you would take vital strike over greater weapon spec, especially with overhand chop, but that's just me.

Now on the monk with what you have:
Assuming Flurry of Blows with Ki Point

Hit: +19/+19/+19/+19/+14/+9 (BAB +12, Str +4, Amulet +2, Weapon Focus +1)
Damage: 3d4+14 (on first attack) 3d4+12 On every attack after first (+8/+6 Str, +2 Enhancement, +4 Greater/Weapon Spec)
Possible Damage: (3d4+14)+5(3d4+12) = 146 Possible Damage (171 With Boost)

And if you have power attack on the monk then:

Hit: +16/+16/+16/+16/+11/+6
Possible Damage with Boost = 207 if all attacks hit.

Monks are less likely to hit but if they manage to get all the hits in they do exceptional damage. Fighters are more of a sustained damage bruiser type class, but i would not say that they cannot keep up with monks. It really depends on how optimized each character is.

As for the martial arts styles the first time you take one you get the novice version, take it again and you get the next version. Essentially you can take the novice version of most of the styles if you wanted rather than focusing on one or 2 styles.
[Image: 21.jpg]
Also, Fighters can have a 10-20 threat range with a Buster Sword by combining Improved Critical and a Fighter Talent(forget the name, but it has Improved Crit as a prereq). This would invoke another -5 penalty to hit, but it means you'd be threatening a critical hit more often than not (55% chance assuming a natural 10 hits their AC), and there are several ways to boost confirmation rolls so high they're practically assured.

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