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Level 7 Sword Saint is sad
So I was leveling up my sword saint in a campaign an I realized the 7th level gets almost nothing. Besides the usual BAB and HD boost all it gets is a speed increase in switching auras. That provides no dynamic effects and only relatively minor passive ones. While is does say you can learn advanced sword skills, you don't actually learn a new one at that level and the skill itself does not say that you can retrain the ones you have learned at any point. I would like to see something done to make the 7th level a little less dead. Also, the first blood ability does not show up on the table at level 6.
I noticed these things also. I thought it was odd that it opened up Advanced options but didn't let you have any until level 8...
Ive played SS up to lvl 15 (from 11) in one of Vils games. Ive always felt past level 5 the class dims down alot due to the swordskills not really gaining much more damage and most characters full round attack for more. Making them more support debuffs and their ranges was hard to get around. I used all my Practiced skills to raise the ranges on them.

I love the class and its flavor, though i do agree its a little on the weak side on its best thing and it feels more like a support tank which i tried to build more to fill as.
Granted i still love SS.
That's one reason why I'm working on an initiator archetype for it. It's supposed to have a yin-yang sort of feel going with it.

Signing of Manly Man ~A Man~
I agree, unless you make a charisma monkey, the skills are almost always doing nothing. Honestly there should be some skills that affect the saint with buffs or by moving him around the battlefield
I'll review it before the next update.
Honestly, Sword Saint as a whole has issues. It is so charisma dependent that is can't really function well as a swordsman. NONE of the big abilities actually work well sword combat outside of the sword skills.

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