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Lunarian race
So, something I'm wondering about is if including the Lunarians from Final Fantasy IV would be a good idea? They're the ones that introduced magic to the people of the Blue Planet in their game, and a lot of the abilities that they exercise in cutscenes (and in Golbez's case on occasion, in-battle) have more of a psychic feel to them than vanilla 'magical'. I'm thinking that it could be a way to introduce a blend of psionics and psychic magic (a la Occult classes) as our own brand of magic with a Final Fantasy flavor to it. We could use it as a way to introduce some of the stranger races as well, such as the aforementioned Lunarians, the Cetra (VII), and Genomes (IX).
Im working on an elementalist psionic class at the moment, so this could work out pretty well.
[Image: 21.jpg]

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