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FFd20 to FF Fifth Edition
Has anyone started converting these classes to fifth edition yet? Just curious. Ive started to convert some of them, in my spare time.
I've tried to do so, adding some personal flair, but it's just so time consuming and quite difficult to decide on some choices. For instance, what are the 'base' classes and what are 'archetypes?'

I personally went with a different approach: Almost every class has a base class, and at 3rd level they have the choice of (almost) any sub-class (a watered down version of base classes) or going 'master class' (expanding and empowering the base class). Of course, that is a lot of balancing work...

I also wasn't sure what route to go with for magic. Spell slots? Spell points? Mana system? Some one did recreate the FF 1 spells in 5th edition form and made it function quite well, but it functioned on the spell point system.
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Well my idea is that since fifth edition has those branches each class can take, use the archetypes for those. Well up to 3 archtypes anyways. I'm not sure how Im going to do the magic, since the first class I started working on was Sword Saint, but Ill get to magic later, and probably will have to do spell slots to fit in better, as I dont remember 5e having a spell point system yet.

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