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Final Fantasy 14 ARR Characters Sharing
SO who all plays ff14? If you do share your Character up, and give out what info you want about them, make up a inter sting story or something for them, how did they change throughout the 2 years of the game? yadada. Have fun with it.

My characters name now is Nelo Darkslayer (Formerly Nelo Angelo on Diabolos Sever then Jack Dawn on Midgarsmor server.)

Now residing in Jenova sever. Ive changed races from a Hume to an Au Ra. His starting class being Dragoon, then moved on to main Ninja, and Paladin. To boot he is an Armorer. In my downtime i like to sit in my private chambers and sit under the shower and have shower thoughts. And proceed to walk amongst my chambers in my underwear thinking of what to do next to help eorzia. Pics below. No no underwear pics. :p (Sorry gals. Your welcome boys.)

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Vilencia Blackguard. Used to be Mi'qote, now Au Ra. Big Grin

Battle Classes:
60 Dark Knight, 60 Machinist, 60 Monk, 60 White Mage, 60 Scholar/Summoner, and soon to be 60 Astrologian.

Craft Classes:
60 Blacksmith, 60 Goldsmith, 60 Carpenter

[Image: vil_1.png]
Dark Knight
[Image: vil_2.png]
[Image: vil_3.png]
White Mage
[Image: vil_4.png]
Nightmare Mount
[Image: vil_5.png]
Ifrit Mount
[Image: vil_6.png]
Garuda Mount
[Image: vil_7.png]
Shiva Mount
[Image: vil_8.png]
Getting married!
[Image: vil1.png]
[Image: vil2.png]
[Image: vil3.png]
[Image: vil4.png]
[Image: vil5.png]
[Image: vil6.png]
[Image: vil7.png]
[Image: vil8.png]
[Image: vil9.png]
You've been busy vil XD.
I know, right? lol

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