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Cait Sith Engineer Archetype
Okay, this is mainly my idea for a Planet in Crisis setting.

I've had this idea of making an engineer archetype called an Inspire, based on Reeve Tuesti's class/job in FFVII concept stage. An inspire would be an engineer with the ability to breath life into and control inanimate objects as if they were a second body.

He can control his automaton telepathically at level one and share senses with it. Progressing in levels allows his automaton to use his Dex, Int, and Wis based skills on skill checks. However the automaton would be two size categories smaller (i.e. tiny). It would also have better Will and Reflex Saves.

A support droid would act more like Cait Sith's mog mount. One size category smaller.

The automaton would also be capable of attaching and using materia.

Obviously these features would replace a lot of normal engi-class features.
I'd say the minimum size of Tiny, otherwise you could end up with a Diminutive 'Cait Sith' if a Tarutaru or something else small took the archetype, with a Tiny Mog.

Also, I kind of feel like the Mog being the Automaton might work better since it was the one that did the fighting... it'd be small but deceptively strong for its size, on par with standard Automatons (just smaller damage die), while the Cait Sith is the Support Droid, gained at 1st level with the stipulation that it can only empower the Automaton rather than repairing or shielding anyone and anything.

Just what comes to mind when I try thinking of how to run the way Reeve did things.
I've started making the whole thing into it's own hybrid class using engineer and summoner as a the parent classes. An inspire first gains a doll of the tiny size category that he can control remotely via telepathy. At 4th level, he gains a small transport puppet that his doll can ride. As he progresses in levels, his doll-puppet team increases in functionality such as benefiting from the inspire's combat and team work feats at level 5, stacking hp, base save bonuses and armor bonuses at level 10, stacking bab and damage bonuses at level 15.

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