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Any chance we'll see a shapeshifter class in the future? I read somewhere that very powerful Blue Mages eventually transform themselves into monsters, so maybe an archetype? I would really like to see the polymorph school spells brought into the game, even if there isn't really a precedent for it.
The Sapphire Magister Prestige Class is basically the go-to for this.
Unfortunately, shapeshifting in Pathfinder is pretty weak. Look at the polymorph spells.
Well, it's weak compared to the 3.5 one where being a venerable Wizard/Druid with 3 Str/Dex/Con didn't stop you from turning into a giant dragon and wrecking house... it's more beneficial to players with decent or high physical ability scores and helps level the playing field a little bit.

Personally I prefer this method, bonuses to scores appropriate for the form rather than completely overriding your own.
I never bothered to look at any of the prestige classes because any benefit generally isn't worth losing core class features. Guess I'll have to read though them.

As for Polymorph rules in Pathfinder, dairius_chi said it best. It's a balancing point.

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