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NOTICE: Suspicious posts and links [PLEASE READ]
Twice in the last 48 hours threads have been made by new members contained untrustworthy links and paragraphs of odd and out of place content. One talking about 'FIFA coins' and another about moving companies in Mumbai and other parts of India...

I have tried to keep on top of this, but as a heads up to all members:

DO NOT follow any links in strange out-of-place threads.

In fact, DO NOT follow links period- there's isn't a rule against linking material but short of pdfs and google docs by trusted members, I would advise against it heavily.

It is unclear why these strange occurences started, and I am not going to test the links to see how little or much threat they pose, but please exercise caution as you peruse the forums.

Thank you for your time.
Please report them to me and I'll take care of it. Smile

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