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as i said in the general box, I've looked every were for the genomes. mind making them an actual race? if you need some ideas, well here's some: the genome's would have high balance and would be quick on there feet. as they don't have souls at first there not that strong and probably aren't that smart at without the soul. one of there skill of feat racial traits would be the soul factor as it would give them better mind sets and more intelligent attributes. this would give the genome an idea for magic ability's and would allow for some some back story ideas on how he/she got there soul. their offensive skill could be like the trance ability's from IX and grant them a strong power/supernatural air around them. as the Genomes are mostly known for being made for Garland, this would show for there low CON. the Genome would have an increase in DEX and WIS while they would have a decrease in the CON state as it is known that most Genomes have short life spans. a favorite class that the Genome could play as could be the Archer, Thief, Bard, and any of the WIS based magic classes. i hope that helped with making Genomes as an actual class.
If this is looked into, I must demand equal attention be given to the Black Mage race from IX >.>

It's not the same playing a Tarutaru with a big hat that shadows out their face, it just ain't D:
If no one els does. Ill come back to this at a later date. Busy today >_< I got an idea. Ill see what i can do tm or so.

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