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Tonberry Suggestion
Below are couple abilities and variant rules to add to the Tonberry and make it even more its video game counterpart. Also I included my take on ecology and bestiary.

Special Ability:

Karma (Su) – Every time a Tonberry takes damage from an attack action or spell made by a foe, it gains an additional use of Everyone’s Grudge that it may use as an immediate action against the character that damaged it. This extra use can only be made against its assailant and only on the round the Tonberry received damage. This ability does activate on damage suffered from sneak attacks and attacks of opportunity.

Variant Modification to Everyone’s Grudge (Su): To better imitate the videogame series, if the GM keeps a record of the number of enemies each player in the party has killed, then she could opt to use each character’s respective kill count as a modifier to damage dealt by a Tonberry using Everyone’s Grudge against that character. If one PC has slain 29 enemies over the course the campaign, then Everyone’s Grudge would do 14d8+29 shadow damage to that PC.

If the GM decides to use this variant rule, then it is recommended that she keeps notes during or at the end of each session in order to keep a tally of each PC’s kill count. Such records may also be useful for the GM in determining reputation, roleplaying, and bonuses related therein for her campaign. The GM should confer with the other players before implementing this rule. This kill count rule would only apply to the supernatural ability version of Everyone’s Grudge used by Tonberries and not the Blue Magic Spell.


Terrain: Ruined Structures, Natural Caves and Caverns, Bogs

Organization: Solitary

Treasure: 1000 Gil

Extra planar creatures that resemble robed piscine monks, Tonberries first appear harmless with their small stature, slow gait, and innocent stare which belie a quiet malice behind their beady yellow eyes. Such misjudgment has been the downfall of many an adventurer that ever faced one. In one hand, a Tonberry carries a butcher knife that can bring men down in one strike. How it uses such tools to accomplish this task is a mystery as its knife is nothing but a dull blade in the hands of anyone else. In the other hand, it holds a lantern that channels the regrets of the fallen.

According to some folklore, the Tonberry is the shepherd of the souls of fallen beast men, guiding them with its lantern towards the next life.
Our last FF session we ended up fighting 2 Tonberrys. Lol, everyone was like: "Oh [expletive]!" And as the Blue Mage I made it my goal to learn Everyone's Grudge... it was awful... We did it though. Felt VERY powerful...

These rules scare me though. And Tonberry was already terrifying. I like it.
Actually in the campaign we have going, we have a King Tonberry wandering around...need to pitch the difference from here to my GM now.
Oh I also had an idea for this little number for the King Tonberry:

Voodoo (Su) – as a full round action, Tonberry King can create a doll of an outsider, which it can then destroy with its Chef’s Knife. The outsider must make a Fortitude Save or take 1d8 per hit dice or level in damage. This ability requires an unobstructed view of the subject.

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