Poll: Black Mage Death Battle!
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Your challengers are above and you have to decide who would win in a FF battle between these two!
As I mentioned in the Summoner one, FFX allows Lulu to basically become any and every class eventually... making it hard for any single character from another game to stand up against someone from X. Still, if we're going purely by a Black Mage vs Black Mage battle... I'd say Vivi has to win.

To give an idea, in IX my winning strategy (which was likely a lot of peoples') was having Auto-Reflect on my party, getting Vivi to Trance, and then having him cast the AoE spells on my party, sending a double-strength spell at the enemy for each member it reflected off of.

This doesn't necessarily translate well to a 1v1 fight, but IX had tons of ability customization when it comes to Auto-Haste, Auto-Regen, Auto-Life, etc... while X was rather limited in that only certain accessories or weapons had them, and most of the time the ones that did didn't have the best stats.

I'd say it's really a tough one to plot out, but I'd say the innate abilities you learn from items and can then slot yourself AND getting to use the equipment with the best stats gives Vivi an edge. Lulu and X have the damage and HP limit breaks however, which should be on the table... but just plain gives an unfair advantage as it means she could have 10x as much HP and deal 10x as much damage, which kind of throws any contest out the window.
I voted Lulu based purely on personality. I would say when it comes to black magery skill these two are the best FF has to offer and are fairly evenly matched. Vivi I don't think has the killer instinct for a death battle... where as Lulu might accidentally blow up Wakka for not taking out the trash... She is pretty, but wow... hostile!

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