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Favorite Created Character
What is your favorite character you have created? Whether it be FF20, 3.5, Pathfinder, Anything goes!

I made a pathfinder summoner who was a gnome, I made me eidolon look like a mammoth. I was infused with some angelic forces, so it was a glowing celestial mammoth. The fur was so thick that when I rode on it's back they couldn't see me. So I had concealment, and I was playing a mammoth. Was a lot of fun shooting spells from a mammoth. Smile
My favorite (and most well developed) character is probably Eitri Clinkenbeard. Made him for a game set in Forgotten Realms, though I never got to play him. Basically a communist arctic dwarf lawful (houserule) barbarian and a member of the Moonstars. He went about protecting people because he had the power to do so, and not out of any altruism.
Mine was a level 23 Nordic Wizard (I forget his name though, Vil something) and his trusty familar wolf (Vilfang). Played him from level 1 to 23. Such an awesome campaign. Eventually, being epic levels was just too much for the DM to handle.
I had a Psionic Lich named Enzio Cone, we started that campaign at level 1. We got epic level (23ish, not sure) and he was beyond chaotic evil, he didnt start that way. But after being reincarnated as a female halfling, and guys trying to take advantage of "him" he started to lash back. Eventually came across the Fountain of Fortunes Folly, and had his alignment reversed, so he was the most epic lawful good character. Eventually became a demi lich, and got revenge on his god or forsaked him.

Many stories with that character, haha Smile
I had a Pathfinder Goblin Alchemist. Who was also a martyr/kamikaze. Due to the way we worked hero points, an afterlife and a few key discoveries, I was able to come back a few times. Only when the conditions fit of course. He was fun, due to the fact that I could play a little insane guy and get away with it, but it still appealed to my honorable side, since I sacrificed myself for the good of the party. Being able to make awesome weapons and items to obliterate my enemies with, well that was just a bonus.
Favorite created character...Kale. Kale was a weapon master who could wield any weapon and kick your ass. He was like the love child of Ares and Eros. All the strength and badassery of the god of war, and the smooth talking, sex craziness of the god of love. Kale originally started out as character in a free-form RP but I've built him in d20 systems before.

One fun side note about Kale, his abs were so strong that if you ever tried to punch him in the gut your arm would break in a few different places. Only his abs though. No other part of his body had this ability.
If history is to change, let it change. If the world is to be destroyed, so be it. If my fate is to die, I must simply laugh.
- Magus, Chrono Trigger
I have two characters that come to mind.

Oric Van Licktinstien, he started as a paladin but over the course of the campaign he lost his way and became a fallen paladin. Tho I still love that he is the only character that has ever lived through and entire campaign.

and there is mage I am playing for skull and shackles right now.
he is human but counts as a kobold. he has red scales here and there about his body. he has a 7 wis. and forgets to speak common most of the time.
For an online 3.5 game I once made a Goblin Rogue/Druid. He had a severe little man complex, hated everyone but his wolf companion, and dreamed of one day becoming a wolf as she was the closest thing to family he had. Fun little story, he once provoked one of the other party members into attacking him by speaking out against attacking some indentured imps. We had been tasked with basically putting an end to their strike, as they refused to work. The monk immediately jumped to the most violent methods, something like "we beat them into submission and get them to go back to work!". Zeph did not like that, as both a small person, and the victim of senseless violence in his past he saw the imps as a sort of kindred spirit and spoke out against the plan to attack them, as evidenced in this quote.

"No human, that is enough from you! Perhaps you have taken too many blows to the head during your training, but did it ever occur to you that violence and threats are not the only options we have in dealing with the situation?! You are all the same, if something is not like you then it is only fit to work for you or be walked all over. Clearly something is making these poor imps, who even you have admitted are intelligent, revolt regularly. Look around you and think before acting for once in your miserable existence. The imps were not even the only ones effected by your rash decision to resort first to threats of violence and banishment, your Elf-kin friend here, myself, and almost the rest of these students were all struck down by your choice to act without thinking."

To which he received the response, "You do not listen spawn of bile, treachery and uselessness. They were given an option. You will not be granted the same choice. No one speaks down to me and lives." and was attacked with a stunning fist.

He coughed back a rebuttal, "No fool, I listen clearly, even from the start you suggested weapons, citing a particular weakness to silver and fire. Had you even been remotely willing to think before acting then weapons would not have been your first suggestion! You are all alike, all vile evil animals, lashing out at anything that is different!"

Sadly the game ended before I could get much play time out of the character. I have used him as an NPC in a tabletop game once, and I envision him, after a few levels going on to be a warlord of sorts using his rogue and druid abilities to bring together several tribes of goblins and packs of wolves.

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