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Sorcerer based class
I was playing around with the numbers and realized that the MP was based on Wizard spell slot conversion (which I think is TOTALLY inspired) but I was wondering if any though had been given to creating a spell casting class that was based off of Sorcerer spell slots (which would account for a whopping 90 extra MP at level 20! And increase lvl 1 MP by 2 which makes it a significant increase from level 1 to level 20).

It might be cool to see a class that has an abundance of MP (though- truth be told- MP has never really been a hard resource to manage for my characters) in exchange for REALLY restricted spell selection (or some other feature).
Sorcerers get more spells per day due to their limited spells known, unlike the wizard who can eventually know EVERY spell but has to prepare them for the day. The Casters here get the best of both worlds... they can learn every spell via scrolls, and they needn't prepare them ahead of time. They don't even have the increased casting time of adding Metamagic.

Basically, if there were a class with MP based on the Sorcerer... it'd have to lose class features since there's nothing else to change about spells compared to what FFd20 already does. Said class features oftentime have magical effects that equate to so many MP you get for free to do stuff spells can't normally do, or might do differently...

So no, I don't expect any consideration on this. Ultimately it's just not needed with how magic already works.

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