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Wheel of Time campaign coming together
While I am already running a campaign on sundays, I am feeling like running another one possibly on saturdays, or wednesdays(depending on when i can get this together). It will be a Wheel of Time pathfinder campaign.

The campaign takes place in the New Era. It is the year 288NE, and the annual Hunt for the Horn of Valere is beginning in one week. Already everyone has been in a bustle to prepare for the hunt, and a great festival has begun to celebrate those who will be hunting for the horn.
The campaign will begin in Illian.

From the novel viewpoint this is 700ish years before Rand Althor is born. But still during the same Era.

No restrictions on races/classes.
No restrictions on alignment.
Point Buy - 25 pts
You may not share information about your alignment with other players.

I have already made a roll 20 for the campaign and am currently setting up some of the small stuff.


Here is a link to the PDF if you want to look over it:
Already have 2 players that are interested, only need 1 more so we can begin preparing for the campaign.
Bwahaha, I knew you would cave in. Smile Depending on time/day, I'm in. I already know what I want to play. Level?
Starting at 1st level like bosses. Max HP. Not sure on time/day yet.
[Image: 21.jpg]

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