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Bleach d20 Classless
Is this the right place to advertise my board? Technically it's in my signature, but I was wondering if this was the right place to put an official advertisement. I don't see anywhere else to do so.

The board is actually a placeholder and player feedback arena for a homebrew system myself and a few friends picked up and ran with from someone else (Username: Draxredd) based on the Bleach Manga (See my signature). We've done alot of work, and have a few fans, but I'd like to see it expand more in the Homebrew circles... It's a frankensystem of 3.x works with original mechanics thrown in to compensate for things that the Manga has done that we didn't see a way for the main system to do.

It's completely classless based more around feat selection to round out your character. In addition to the core Bleach Races there are approximately 30 races to choose from, each with their own selection of racial feats and prestige paths (Which are prestigious feats that require more to get, but are more powerful in general than a normal feat, and they come in trees of 5-10)

We're currently in the process of retooling the system for an original one based on our own ideas, not 3.x. That's not coming out for a while, but in the meantime I was looking to drum up some views for the boards, and perhaps get some more people playing this system..

An answer would be greatly appreciated. And if I went on too long here, I do apologize, I had alot of explaining to do.
I have a few bleach fans in my group, and we are always willing to playtest new systems... (I have Loz, this site, Disgaea, a few others going) So even if it is not the right place, I am going to look into it and pitch it to my group.
Just a warning... It's not perfect, and you'll have to go back to 3.5 for some stuff (Like spells... we don't have a Homebrew Kido system unfortunately)

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