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Gunblade Knight-PRC
Hi there! Infamous Nelo here to bring you something new and probably OP. But thats why i bring it here so we can work out the kinks and share the idea. Anyways i had this inspiration hit me last night and it flowed right out of me. I may play test it and actually work on it more (Unlike my Blitzer class) if you guys have any input or thoughts let e know! I know i build stronger, and i doubt myself at thinking a part is OP and then its not strong enough. So let me know what you think.

May 10th: Moved all of it to an attached PDF below. Updated some stuff too.Gimme some input and idea on how you think i could make this better. I should be able to play-test this sometime soon.

May:22 Updated the pdf and rebalanced the whole thing. Bonding is now out and replaced with Junctions. New gun blade techs as well. Still probably going to rebalance some stuff. And still wanting to add more gunblade techs.

May 27: Final Update i'll be doing for sometime, i have some other projects id like to start on. I'll still work on it, just not as much as i have been. Updated Techs and errors. Thunderslash is now End of Heart. (Another name for Lion Heart) Just post and let me know if i should fix something.

Attached Files
.pdf   Gunblade Knight V1.0.pdf (Size: 251.97 KB / Downloads: 62)
May 10th Update:

Gunblade Techs:Changed How Gunblade Tech works as a whole allowing them to be readied and changed out after 8 hours of rest and a 30 min meditation. Mainly so i can play test all of the techs when i get to but also thought itd be kinda flavorful with the spell-caster bonding. Some things are also situational and some things just don't work out for some people so i like the option of being allowed to change.

Renzekuken: Changed into Limit Break

Fire cross: Added a burning effect.

Big Shot: Added a range increment and more intended wording.

On Some others I fixed some errors and wording.

Fixed some minor errors on other stuff.

Added a Description. Bad at those.

Made pdf nice and nifty.

Actually put in the Weapon and Armor proficiencies

This was just me converting to PDF and looking back over it giving me time to take in my thoughts on It. So as long as you guys like it (or i like it) I will fix it more.
I actually have a gunblade wielder ready to playtest this next time we game...will let you know how it works out.
(05-10-2015, 11:30 PM)silverwerret Wrote: I actually have a gunblade wielder ready to playtest this next time we game...will let you know how it works out.
Ok thx Smile
I always tended to veer away from classes built around bonding with a specific person since it tends to limit what you can do, and makes a lot of class features useless if you're on your own- either for recon or just general party splitting.

That said, I love Gunblades, so I wanna see what you got here.

DISCLAIMER: These are just suggestions and initial thoughts looking things over, it's in no way a bad class but there are certain aspects I'd change had I the authority.

-Prerequisites: While the Gunblade Fighter Archetype works well with this, I don't think it should be a necessity... there aren't really any PrC that require a specific Archetype's class feature, something more general like 'Chosen Weapon: Some type of Gunblade' COULD work but that still limits this to just Fighters being able to take it. PF tried making PrC more accessible, such as ones like Assassin no longer requiring Sneak Attack, so anyone can join it with the right skill ranks(and alignment).

In all honesty I think just requiring +7 BAB and Gunblade Expertise would be fine, a lot of PrC also have some skill at 7 ranks, I just can't think of much that fits the theme of the class as a required skill. Maybe Intimidate so you can pull aggro off your charge?

-Saves: All three good saves, even on PrC progression, is a bit much. If this is meant as a protector then Fort and Will fit best, but since it's also built on a potentially ranged weapon, Ref and Will could work... hell even Fort and Ref could. All in all, since it's a Martial class with full BAB having two good saves should be the limit.

-Limit Breaks: I see now that Renzekuken works with Trigger, a suitable replacement might be allowing the Gunblade Knight to use Gunblade Expertise on EVERY attack for that duration, rather than just on Attack Actions... if you were going to make the class more open and accessible to other classes.

-Bonding: Again, if you were to open this up the wording could just be altered a bit, at 1st level a character gains Chosen Weapon bonuses, counts as a Fighter for feats, and can take "Extra Fighter Talent" Feat as if their Gunblade Knight level were their Fighter level. If they already had levels in Fighter, they simply stack to calculate bonuses and what you qualify for.

-Gunblade Tech: The idea of preparing them each day is a little odd rather than simply picking which ones you know, since the idea that by 2nd level in this class you've already learned all these techniques, you're just limited to using one each day... well it's odd. I know the intention was allowing the changing of them from one day to the next, but there's only 7 of them, so by 10th level you'll only be missing a couple if you simply learn then rather than increasing how many you can 'prepare' each day.

Overall it's just a little nitpicky since that's how similar abilities work for other classes, but I think it just fits better to stick with the established status quo on these kinds of things.

--Big Shot: Might be simpler to just use the Range Increment of the gun, and limit it to use within the first Range Increment (increasing by one every 2 levels beyond 2nd, to a maximum of 5 Range Increments at level 10). Adding a new Range Increment for the Force Effect on top of the Range Increment for the standard bullet can get a little confusing.

Also, no need to say it knocks them prone 'for one round', unless you're implying that the blow was so great that they are unable to get up next round even though they can still act normally... which would be weird.

--Blasting Zone: Same notation of the 'knocked prone for 1 round' bit as above, otherwise this looks fine- capping out at 6d6 damage is a little meh but not a lot I could suggest to amend that.

--Fated Circle: Again, capping at 6d6 damage is a little underwhelming, though it being Non-Elemental is a nice boon. For the Cone and Radius though, the distances should really be altered. In standard cases a Cone is worth a Burst Radius of half the length, or a line worth double the length. 60ft line, 30ft cone, 15ft burst, generally considered equal. The Radius here consumes a bullet so it gets SOME leeway but you might be better off making them more like 30ft cone and 20ft Burst...

Also the idea of the spheres being formed on the outside of the circle and exploding doesn't really support pushing the targets 10ft away from the Knight, unless they make some kind of vacuum... but that's just splitting hairs.

--Fire Cross: Instead of specifying the shot has to be made halfway to the target, it might simply be cleaner to state it can be done 'at any point during the charge, as a free action' or something to that degree.

Second note, why is it a Will Save after getting shot to avoid the follow-up attack being an auto-hit and auto-crit? Fort save to not be stunned by the pain or Reflex Save to not have your sight consumed by fire makes a bit more sense in my mind...

And again, the 'knocked prone for 1 round' part feels out of place.

--Rough Divide: Seems a bit strong, that's a lot of times per day you can just get a free critical as long as you hit... even having it always be a Threat feels like a bit much. I get that the Critical part is meant to tie in to the Trigger class feature but... what if the Gunblade Techs just allowed the use of Gunblade Expertise in combination with any Melee Attacks that hit?

And, since you're likely using a 1-handed weapon which isn't known to be a huge Powerhouse, either getting extra d6's of damage on the Sunder or being able to apply the Bullet damage(adding both together before applying Hardness) might be a way to get some mileage.

--X-Burst: This seems fine, as usual 6d6 cap on damage is meh but a chance at Staggering in a 10ft burst is not bad. With how it's described I could see it working as a Ranged Touch Attack, target taking bullet damage in addition to the Xd6 and getting no save against the Stagger, then people within 10ft being hit for the Xd6 and Stagger with Reflex save to halve/negate.

-Cover: Adding the Knight's full Reflex Mod to their Bond's? No, nonono... hell no... no. A bonus of one half their Gunblade Knight level would be much more... tame. Confers Evasion when you reach a Strong Bond(5th level) and Improved Evasion when you reach True Bond (10th level). Also you should note this as an immediate action, so that they can only use it once per turn.

Also... I know other features in PF only state it as such but you might want to add a notation that using this actually consumed part of a move action on your next turn, so you can't use Cover and then just Full-Attack, not moving at all.

-Strong Bond: Being able to siphon your own AC to the Bond? That works, progression seems fine too. Bonus to Will Saves vs Charm/Compulsion? Also good, fits for their dedication to the bond. Sharing a bonus Teamwork Feat? I can see that too, having it stretch to ALL of them feels like a bit much, but it's only one person so it's probably alright.

But giving the Bond eventually a +5 Morale Bonus to Attack and Damage? That's really big, maybe just a bonus to attack rolls when flanking with the Knight or something but... applying it to both at that level feels like a bit much. There's nothing stopping the Gunblade Knight from bonding with the Berserker and leading to just a pair of monstrous damage dealers who don't really need to mind their defenses.

-Entrust: I actually really like this one, BUT I do think the 3 uses per day should be shared among the Knight and their Bond, since a potential 6 Limit Breaks done above 50% HP between the two of them seems a bit much.

Personally I'd say dropping it to a Swift or Move action would be fine, since there's already an action tax on the person using the Limit Break and taking a Standard Action leaves them unable to do much that round.

-Stand Together: Aid Another is already kind of bland, I'd say rather than getting a bonus on the checks to Aid Another they auto-succeed, have the 30ft range thing, that's awesome, and then increase the bonus received by +1/3 levels, or basically +3 since you're already 9th level. I might go a step further and say allow them to use it as a Move Action, allowing them to aid each other twice a turn, just requiring the bonuses to apply to two different categories (Attack and AC, or AC and Skill, but no doubling up on one thing).

-True Bond: I like it, the wording is a little wonky in the second half but it's still pretty clear what the benefits are. Compared to other stuff the class gets it feels a little weak for a capstone, but given the general strength of everything else I wouldn't change much about it.
Yay! Ok! Totally why i brought it here. Lol I'm not the best worder/balancer in the world and i know it.

Ok lets start:

Prerequisites: I can understand. Only thing i know of that needs a specific abaility is Elemental Fist Disciple (Needs Monks Aura blast) So i totally understand. Gunblade Expertise should be enough. I was trying my hardest to stick to lore while making this so it was one of those things. A lot of this was.

Saves: I thought about changing them too, was thinking that wasn't too bad for only ten levels (Since fighters ref ad will is bad.) I was thinking more Fort/Will for better saves. Trying to keep more towards the Knight feel.

Renzekuken: Renzekuken was originally a Gunblade tech that did just that. I had a different LB that completely took damage that was targeted to the bonding partner as long as he was adjacent to them. I fought with myself and changed it, then i broke it. Then i said fuck it and i made it LB and it came out better. If i did take out the trigger

Bondng: yeah sorry, thats what i meant. Lol. I'll fix the wording. I'd thought about adding Bonding options actually depending what it was you'd get different bonus, like moral bonuses to attack if it was a friendship or fast healing x with a lover. Just random thoughts i haven't actually done anything with. I really wanted to make it Only bond to spell-casters too but i felt that was too limiting myself. It can be up to Gms and players to change that. I've also thought about dropping Bonding completely or somehow expanding it. But This was the biggest Part of FF8 lore i was trying to stick to. But in the end i might drop it. But this is what i based everything around.

Gunblade techs: Yeah i had it originally to choose and i actually hoped to add more techs later i just ran out of ideas. The main intent was to make play-testing each one easier for the time being and flavor (for the spell casting bond) But i don't know if i can get to playtesting this. My times suck and mighteve done it in another guys game but i dont see it getting there any time soon. id like to keep it this way if i can get more techs but if i don't then ill definitely change it back.

Big Shot: I get you. Sounds a lot better. I'll go with that, thank you.. And Yeah the knocked prone thing.. I don't know what i was doing, ill fix all that.

Tech damage: I'm glad you said something about the damage. I was seriously thinking raising them up to 1d6 a level. (all techs needed). I was afraid id make the techs weak in this aspect, however ive also thought about adding bullet damage to some techs that consume it. I was gonna see how what i had did but id like to change it personally. I just wasn't sure which would be too much.

Fated Circle: Ok, ill change the radius' up. Yeah i thought my logic was off there too, i thought about making it only adjacent creatures in a circle around him that get pushed back so far. The intent is to push enemies away from the bonding partner.

Fire cross: 1st note: Sounds cleaner yeah. I'll work on that. again this is one of those lore techs that was harder to work with. Unless the Gunblade knight could cast fire, it seemed better to do it that way.

Im glad you understood what i was going for with the fire though! lol i was afraid no one would understand. Yeah, Fort sounds better now that you mention it. Way better, im not sure why i thought Will in the place of it. I'll fix that.

Rough divide: Yeah if i take out trigger i may just say it applies bullet damage automatically. Its not so bad considering DKs harrowing slice. The sunder attempt was to get the effect of "Rough" part. Another lore tech i had trouble working with without breaking d20 logic. So i based it on Dissidias Rough divide and thought a sunder attempt would be neat. Part of me would like to drop it completely and do something different.
I will probably do bullet damage with sunder if i keep it.

X Burst: As i said, i thought about adding bullet damage to all techs that consumed so thats not bad This is one i think the cap at 6d6 isn't too bad with that stagger. Unless you think 10d6 auto stagger + bullet damage isn't much? RT i'll think about. It'd give it more leeway so I may do that.

Cover: I'll totally fix all that. Granted The idea was the Gunblade knight would automatically fail the save and take all damage and effects with it but yeah Totally looks about fixing that.

Strong Bond: Yeah, in honestly felt i wasn't giving enough for the bonding parts, why trying my hardest to not give much. Most people don't do teamwork feats and if they did, the intent is for bonding a spell-caster so their feats would actually be limited. I may just give them seize the moment or distracting charge together in a way instead the teamwork feats. Which if i don't drop trigger then the Knight 9Should if he takes all fighter levels) have retlentless revolver which would be a neat trigger for seize the moment with the bonded partner.

And yeah the bonuses i thought about but as intended, its meant for a spellcaster bond. I may drop it to standing with each other. My only problem is i don't want to limit the knight to literally just be standing there by the partner all day. Near them, but not up their ass all day. I'd definitely just like to work bonding as a whole a lot better.

Entrust: Honestly my favorite ability lol. I did NOT intend to to be shared uses. The wordings there but i'll fix it. Yeah its 3 times a day total.

Stand Together: I kinda pulled from Swordsaint with this one. With the aid another action and the hamper. Auto Succeed when they help each other? I would have though that was much. Double aid another is cool. I like that. I'll see what i can do with this as well. I also thought about just adding bonuses based on level (As you said +3) To AC or so when near each other. But it also is to stick with true bond so.

True Bond: As i said id like to re work the bonds as a whole. This one i may not change unless the others do heavily.

K i'll fix all that, ( Just woke up from shitty sleep so now i have something to do.) Thank you for the input and help. It's Totally why i brought it here so don't be afraid to hit it. As i said im not that great at making these things i just like making concepts and ideas of stuff and this was one that flowed out of me and id like to work on it more.

And if you have any Gunblade tech ideas let me know.
Ok Updated it abit.
Took out The Trigger requirement. At first i was hesitant then i grew to the idea and slapped it out. Replaced with need of Spellcraft ranks and Intimidate ranks. Gunblade Techs have changed accordingly as well as the Limit Break.

Gunblade techs: Big damage up. Now most being 1d6 a level and apply bullet damage and effects. The bullet effect may be scary but i'll see how that idea flows. Other gunblade techs got reworded and reworked.

All other stuff got changed as well as a whole. I still would like to see about making more bonding options. And more techs. I kept the readying techs until i decide i cant get anymore.
While ive not officially updated it or anything with this, the past week i've had thoughts on reworking the bonding system but nothings really clicked yet. But what has clicked is the possibility of dropping the bonding system, not only does t seem to be a hindrance of a sort, but im growing to try and give this class more freedom. Even though the inspiration came from the bonding idea i wanna see your guys thoughts.

If i replaced the bonding system, id replace is with Masteries (or talents) Called Junctions. I made a short list for the concept but i think its far from done even though im rather out of ideas. Anyways here it is. remember the list is rather incomplete, i just made a sample of some of the things id like to see it gain, i may change it entirely or not even go through with this list. This is a cool alternative i thought of, for those who don't like or can't do the bonding. If its liked I'll make a Variant PDF for the time being.

The class still has the gunblade techs, these only replace the bonding mechanics.

Junctions: The gunblade knights power come from talents known as Junctions, at 1st level he gains one junction and every other level after (3rd 5th 7th 9th). At 10th level he may choose a perfect junction from a junction he has at least acquired once. The amount of times a junction may be taken is specified under the junction.

Gunblade Junction: This junction powers the gunblade knight’s use and mastery with his gunblade.
He receives a +1 to attack rolls made with a gunblade and increases the melee damage of the gunblade by one die step (typically 1d8)
This junction may only be taken twice. (Max: +2, 1d10 Gunblade damage.)

Perfect junction: At 10th level choose as his perfect junction to power his gunblade. 1 time a day + CON modifier, the gunblade knight may envelope his blade in a bright light causing it to grow bigger and longer. Increasing the damage made by the gunblade as if it was one size category larger but with a -2 penalty to attack rolls, and the gunblade knight may make attacks up to 10ft away as if it has reach, but may still attack adjacent enemies. This is a swift action to activate and last for 3 rounds. While it is larger it is still the same weight as it originally was before the transformation.

Spellcasting Junction:
The gunblade knight gains a +1 level to an existing spell casting class. Furthering his magical prowess even through his own training. If you have multiple you must choose which it goes to. The gunblade knight gains spells and MP as if they had leveled up in that class but no other benefit.
This junction may be taken as many times as desired.

Perfect Junction: At 10th level the gunblade knight may choose to double any levels gained this way as their Perfect Junction.

Fighter Junction: The gunblade knight may count his gunblade knight levels as fighter levels to determine qualifications for fighter feats, bonuses to chosen weapon, and fighter limit breaks.

This can only be taken once.

Deadly Trigger Junction: If the gunblade knight does not have it, they gain the ability “Trigger” per the Gunblade specialist class. Furthermore, they gain Deadly Aim as a bonus feat but may only apply it to ranged touch attacks made by the gunblade. If the gunblade knight already has Deadly Aim he may apply it elsewhere as normal, but it only forgoes the ranged touch attack restriction when using a gunblade.

This can only be taken once.

Talent Junction: The Gunblade knight may choose a fighter talent, or a Mage talent of his choice. He must still meet the prerequisites to acquire the talent.

This may be taken as many times as desired.

Tech Junction: The gunblade knight may choose a Gunblade tech as his junction. The DC for his gunblade techs are also increased by 1.

This may be taken as any times a as desired.
Personally, I am loving this direction, really opens the class up and makes the thought of a Spellcasting Gunblade Knight work, which I am a little biased towards since a particular Red Mage I play on occasion was a Gunblade-user in earlier incarnations >.>

-Gunblade Junction: Nice benefit, upping the damage from a d6 to a d10 isn't going to break any games. The Perfect Junction also looks pretty fun, the attack penalty is basically a wash with the bonus from taking this twice, and if you DID take it twice would make the blade deal 2d8 damage. Nothing that can't be done elsewhere, but still impressive.

As a clarification though, since it seems to imply it only works on the Blade part, and not the Gun part, might wanna specify.

-Spellcasting Junction: This I like, it basically lets you turn it into a 5/10 Casting PrC, which is about as much as you'd expect from most Martial PrC that augment casting. No class features really apply to the casting though, as they shouldn't since this is kind of what covers that.

The Perfect Junction feels a little too good though, being able to make it into a 10/10 casting PrC... plus the mechanics of randomly gaining 5 CL worth of spells and MP is a little janky. I don't really know what I'd suggest to improve this, I don't think a Martial PrC should EVER have more than 7/10 casting when it comes with a slew of good features, though... just a personal opinion.

-Fighter Junction: A useful ability for any Fighter Gunblade Knights, obviously not much to do to progress this so the lack of a Perfect Junction isn't that weird. I could see this synergizing well with the Gunblade Junction.

-Deadly Trigger Junction: I like the direction this is going, though to clarify: When using the Gunblade you aren't making Ranged Touch Attacks, you're making Ranged Attacks that Target Touch AC, so you can still take Deadly Aim and use it with Firearms as normal. That said, this still offers benefit to the few Gunblade Techs that work as Ranged Touch Attacks, but the benefit isn't that great really.

I'd say something like... gives 'Trigger', if they already have Trigger it adds some other benefit.. unsure what. Also gives Deadly Aim, which if they already have it increases the number of Range Increments they target Touch AC by 1.

Of all of them this feels the most 'meh'-y, but it still definitely has a place since non-Gunblade Specialists might wanna get Trigger what with the change to Gunblade Expertise.

-Talent Junction: Ooooh, I like this one a lot, I mean it basically equates to the power of a feat "Extra Fighter Talent" but it's useful, and if you take the Fighter Junction it allows a non-Fighter to qualify for some Fighter Talents.

I could see a Perfect Junction working for this... like gaining 2 Advanced Fighter Talents they qualify for, with the option to take normal ones instead.

-Tech Junction: I also like this one, it'll get more use when more Techs are made but just the bonus to Save DCs is worth grabbing this for, assuming those are a heavy focus for the character.
Alrighty. I think i'll definitely just convert to this system instead. Its clicking better and just sounds overall better for the class.

Gunblade Junction: Yeah i actually decided to change the perfect Junction into a gunblade idea. Its based off of Leons ability from KH and felt it could do better to be added to the list and gave it a alignment effect as well. So i changed it. Below all this is changed i made.

Spellcasting Junction: Yeahh had a talk with a friend and found a solution to make that better. At the time it seemed fine, now im against it. Decided to go with a Draw MP ability.

Fighter Junction: Yeah, i got nothing for a perfect.

Deadly Trigger Junction: Yeah i don't know why i put it that way. I think i was over thinking it. Added an extra effect as suggested. And a Perfect.

Talent Junction: I was actually anting to slap in Knight talents or thief talents as well and decided not to. I want it to be customizable but NOT that customizable. Trying to stick to a Possible Mage hybrid thatd work good for Blue or red mages as well.
Decided to add a perfect as suggested and added in the ability to get combat feats or metamagic feats.

Tech Junction: Added a perfect might need to fix wording later.

Also Some new Gunblade tech Ideas. I think ive covered all i can from the games so im pulling more stuff from gunner like classes for the gun part of the blade (Hence Big shot), and abilities i know haven't been used other wise (Thunder slash) and just matching it into the theme.


Gunblade Junction: This junction powers the gunblade knight’s use and mastery with his gunblade.
He receives a +1 to attack rolls made with a gunblade and increases the melee damage of the gunblade by one die step (typically 1d8)
This junction may only be taken twice. (Max: +2, 1d10 Gunblade damage.)

Perfect junction: Master of the Gunblade

The gunblade knight wields his gunblade masterfully. While wielding a gunblade he is unable to be disarmed, his threat range is also increased by 1 and he gains another +1 to hit. He also does not provoke any attacks of opportunity when firing his gunblade, and may make attacks of opportunity up to 30ft with the firearm of the gunblade.

Spellcasting Junction:
The gunblade knight gains a +1 level to an existing spell casting class. Furthering his magical prowess even through his own training. If you have multiple you must choose which it goes to. The gunblade knight gains spells and MP as if they had leveled up in that class but no other benefit.
This junction may be taken as many times as desired.

Perfect Junction: Draw
At 10th level the gunblade knight may draw an enemy’s MP. As a move action, 3 times a day the gunblade knight may draw MP from an enemy within 30ft of them. The gunblade knight drains 1d6 MP for every time “Spellcasting Junction” was taken (Max 5d6). An enemy subjected to this may make a Will save DC 10+ half gunblade knight level+ Int mod to negate the draw effect. If the enemy was to run out of MP or not have any MP at all, they instead take HP damage.

Fighter Junction:
The gunblade knight may count his gunblade knight levels as fighter levels to determine qualifications for fighter feats, bonuses to chosen weapon, and fighter limit breaks.
This can only be taken once.

Deadly Trigger Junction:
If the gunblade knight does not have it, they gain the ability “Trigger” per the Gunblade specialist class. If the gunblade knight already has access to Trigger, they instead may use Trigger without the need of a critical confirm 1 time + Wis Mod a day. Further, they gain Deadly Aim as a bonus feat.
This can only once, but may be taken again to gain the other Trigger effect, as if they had Trigger.
Perfect Junction: Forceful Trigger

When damage from “Trigger” is applied, the gunblade knight may make a free Trip combat maneuver against his foe with a +4 bonus. This does not stack with Improved Trip, and does not provoke attacks of opportunity.

Talent Junction:
The Gunblade knight may choose a fighter talent, a Mage talent, a Combat feat, or Metamagic feat of his choice. He must still meet the prerequisites to acquire the talent or feat.

Perfect Junction: Talent Master

The Gunblade Knight may take two Advanced Fighter Talents or two regular fighter talents, or two mage talents. As well as either the Combat feats or Metamagic feats. He must still meet the prerequisites for each talent or feat.
This may be taken as many times as desired.

Tech Junction: The gunblade knight may choose a Gunblade tech as his junction. The DC for his gunblade techs are also increased by 1.

Perfect Junction: Improved Techniques
The Gunblade knights Gunblade techs have their range increased by 10ft. Any Gunblade techs that require a charge have their movement speed increased by 10ft instead. (This is applied after all other movement speed bonuses) The DC to his gunblade techs are also increased by 1. He also does not provoke any attacks of opportunity from any Gunblade tech that does so.

Gunblade Tech Ideas:

Grenade Shot: The gunblade knight charges his gunblade with energy and fires at a square or enemy as a range touch attack within 60ft. The shot explodes on impact exploding in a 20ft burst centered from the square of the explosion dealing bullet damage and 1d6 fire damage per gunblade knight level. As well as any effect from the ammunition is applied. There is a Reflex Save for half damage. If an enemy is hit directly by this and fails the save, they are knocked prone.

Thunder Slash:
The gunblade knight’s gunblade is powered with lightning and the gunblade knight makes a melee attack against an enemy within range, or may make a charge attack on an enemy. If the melee attack succeeds he fires his gunblade mid-slash to cause an electric explosion on the enemy dealing bullet damage and 1d6 lightning damage per gunblade knight level. Ammunition effects is also applied. The enemy is also Stunned for 1 round. Fort save for half damage and negate stun.

Grieving Blade: The gunblade knights gunblade glows with the color of the gunblade knights alignment (Blue: Good, Red: Evil: Grey: Neutral) and is treated as that alignment for the purpose of bypassing damage reduction. The blade is also enlarged and is treated as once size category larger than its regular form, but still attains its same weight before the transformation. The gunblade is now wielded at a -2 penalty, but may strike enemies up to 10ft away as if it had reach, but may still attack adjacent enemies. Both melee damage and bullet damage is effected by this. He also gains a +2 bonus to Trip and Sunder attempts made during this effect.

This effect is a swift action to activate and lasts 1 + CON (Minimum 1) rounds
-Gunblade Junction: Oooh, I really like the new Perfect Junction, I mean more damage is alright but pretty bland, THIS is something you can't get anywhere else... least not easily, think there might be a feat that lets you AoO with a ranged weapon but takes a lot of investment.

-Spellcasting Junction: Not sure how I missed Draw MP since FF8 that was entirely how magic worked, but that's a great idea. I'd say a Will Save to halve the MP drain would work just as fine though, nothing quite as sad as a limited PrC capstone being halted by luck or super high saving throws. And let's face it, most enemies that are a real threat are just gonna have Infinite MP anyways(or go the game route of basic lvl 8 Flans having like 10,000 MP)

And as far as the Save DC goes, maybe it should run off whatever your Casting Stat was from the class you're progressing?

-Fighter Junction: Hmm, I think I just realized something: Is this meant to give the benefits to non-Fighters using JUST their Gunblade Knight Level? Or is it only meant to work for people who had Fighter Levels going in?

Because if it's meant to help non-Fighters(limited Chosen Weapon bonuses, limited Fighter Feat Access) then just giving you two more Limit Breaks is a bit much. And if it's the latter, it should probably list Fighter levels as a prerequisite for taking it.

-Deadly Trigger Junction: Liking the look of this, something I'd definitely consider taking on any non-caster Gunblade Knights, and I really like the Perfect Junction.

-Talent Junction: I think adding the Combat/Metamagic Feats was a good move, adds a lot more versatility to it. While Knight/Thief Talents do feel a little iffy as well I'd say it... could work, maybe, just a little?

Red Mages are excluded slightly what with not getting Mage Talents, but Red Mageries would be a bit too much. Ruby Arcana only come every 3rd level, but they can be obtained via Feat so if you were to try and include them that'd likely be the best way.

-Tech Junction: I like the Perfect Junction idea, the wording is a little janky but the intent is clear.

-Grenade Shot: I like it, very useful and definitely worth upping the Save DC via Tech Junction for that knock Prone on a direct hit.

-Thunder Slash: Very nice, getting Blade Damage, Gun Damage, and Elemental Damage off in one strike, for the tradeoff that it's Melee and targets their full AC, also single target. All in all? A really nice looking tech, and again the secondary effect is worth getting the Save DC up.

-Grieving Blade: This turned out good, though I can't name any instances where Neutral Alignment bypasses DR, it's better than them simply not getting an Energy Blade. This one I'd suggest putting a minimum Gunblade Knight level on being able to use, maybe like 6+? Otherwise it's a pretty big boost to damage that could be abused with a small dip into the class.

I really wanna play a SOLDIER/Gunblade Knight now. Get a Gunblade, eventually make it Huge-sized (2d6 blade/3d6 gun), get the Impact weapon Enhancement on it (3d6/4d6), take Gunblade Junction twice (4d8/4d6), then use Grieving Blade (6d8/6d6) XD It's a freaking Buster Sword on crack with a mofo cannon taped onto the bottom.
(05-22-2015, 07:12 PM)dairius_chi Wrote: I really wanna play a SOLDIER/Gunblade Knight now. Get a Gunblade, eventually make it Huge-sized (2d6 blade/3d6 gun), get the Impact weapon Enhancement on it (3d6/4d6), take Gunblade Junction twice (4d8/4d6), then use Grieving Blade (6d8/6d6) XD It's a freaking Buster Sword on crack with a mofo cannon taped onto the bottom.
I enjoyed this. This made me laugh.

And Alright i'l fix some wording best i can and fix that Draw. I'll probably go ahead and try to get it into Pdf tonight.

And I did want to try something with red mage for the talent junction. But the need for Arcane pool and all seemed too complicated to work on.

I'm honestly been thinking of trying to get a play test group together for all the community classes being made (Onion Knight, Magicite Knight, this etc. just to have fun and work on them and fix things needed with each other. But probably not needed. just seemed like a neat thing to have going. If i get this going and Nelo died i may make a Gunblade knight if vil allows it. Not sure i would though.Depends my mood at the time.
Updated Pdf and all. Bonding is now out. I changed drastically the tech junctions Perfect junction to Give each Gunblade tech a new effect.

Honestly whats your thoughts on Thunder slash after looking at the rest? I changed it up to be only melee range and gave it a need to be Lvl4. Because its the only one with melee, bullet, and extra lightning damage and a stun. I feel its alot and puts out abilities like Fire cross. So with that i gave fire cross is auto crit if successful back. And added a buff to the fire damage with Improved tech. But i may rebalanced that all together. let me know what you think about the Improved Techs, Are they too much?
Final update for sometime now. Check first post. Mainly a few tech changes i needed to address. Going to start on a new project class soon. Still getting the ideas for it.

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