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Final Fantasy 2 / SaGa mod
Hi! I have not had the chance to play this game yet as none of my tabletop RPG friends are big final fantasy fans, but as a huge final fantasy tactics fan and final fantasy fan in general, I look forward to one day playing this game.

When I saw that you guys had a suggestion box, I had to make an account just so I could throw a few ideas out there.

So one thing I was thinking about is the character advancement system in Final Fantasy 2; it would be really cool to see a mod that allows for the conversion of in theory any pathfinder content, but specifically FFd20, so that rather than traditional advancement, you advance in specific stats/feats/etc. based on how you use your character. It might not be practical to fully implement this without redoing everything, but maybe a hybrid system that just pertains to ability scores and skill points, or something like that.

The creator of Final Fantasy 2 also made the Final Fantasy Legends / SaGa games, which got me thinking it would be cool to just see a new mod altogether, either adding SaGa content to FFd20, or using the aforementioned "Final Fantasy 2 mod" but with SaGa content.

Anyway, if anyone has an idea on how to homebrew this in myself, or has made their own SaGa homebrew campaign using FFd20 system, please let me know!

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