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My List of Things I Want to Do:
1. Redo the whole spell system. - FINISHED!

2. Revisit Chocobo Knight and Summoner classes. - FINISHED!

3. Revise Magitek as a whole. - SEMI FINISHED!

4. Redo the firearms. - NOT FINISHED AT ALL!

5. Airships. - NOT FINISHED AT ALL!

6. ???? - WUT!

7. Profit! - HELL YEAH!
1: I don't often play spellcasters, so I have little advice. Just be sure to have a clear picture of what role you want the class to have while adjusting/adding spells.

2: The Cavalier class is considered one of the weaker classes in PF, so keep that in mind. The summoner has grown on me a bit. If you keep a similar system, Aeon avatars as a whole should be defined better and the current Aeon sheet should be made into the stats for Aeon Boss fights. Making the Lesser Summons spells would make them easier to work with, I think (make the summon spells the permanent spell list, then the Elemental Seal ability adds the appropriate elemental spells to the spell list).

3: Magitek is tough. I'm sure you already know about the mecha stats from D20 future. I'll also point you at the Synthesist Summoner, the Aegis psionic class class (in case you give the engineer the magitek option again, they're good starts, though synthesist needs errata in the worst way), as well as the improving construct section in PFSRD, the clockwork armor from 3.5 and golem armor from 3.5. Hopefully one of them will help. Also, rather than giving the magitek spells, you could make them utilize materia. Just a thought.

4: Eh. 3.5, PF, d20 modern... there's a lot of systems around. What do you want out of firearms?

Eberron has some airships, but again, what do you want out of them? A means of transportation? Heavy artillery?

6: !!!!

7: Good luck with that.
1. I kinda have a theory of what I'm going to do to make things a bit "fun" for black/white mages.

2. I kinda wanna add some "talents" to CK. And I'm not sure how I'm going to fix Summoner.

3. Yeah, pretty much going to use mecha stats from d20 future and then think of ways to the magical portion to it.

4. Just want a system that works without being OP. There's a d20 modern PF website that I may use.

5. Kinda both, like Magitek, probably going to use d20 future for airship design.
I like the idea of fighting the aeons to unlock the powerful ones, also like the idea of them being pretty strong, but also draining MP as they are out. I stated that in the summoner thread, but i like that system. It can make it a little hectic for the summoner, but could still be really good.
I had a Summoner as a prestige class requiring fighting Aeons. But... like Blue Mages, it puts more stress on the DM to do so.
Implementing a system for fighting Aeons to get them would be tough. If it's the main mechanic, that means you have to fight boss battles in order to get your class features.

If you have lesser summons as spells, fighting the summon could drop the spell scroll. This would be in addition to being able to buy them, just like regular loot.
Could make it so at lower levels the "lesser summons" are just aspects of the aeons, so they are weaker. And do gain the powerful summon you defeat them. Possibly have a way to teleport into their realm to fight them. Or the DM just has to have an adventure for each fight, which is a little hectic for him, but if you have 10 levels to prepare it shouldnt be too bad. Plus you can always find out if they intend to go fight the powerful ones anyway.

But starter summoners would get aspects of the summons, so they are weaker, but still drain MP while out.
Starting the spell list increase now. This is gonna take awhile. Fluffing it up now by taking spells from Pathfinder (renaming some of them, editing the descriptions) that would fit in this system, then the long process of inventing some of my own.
Viladin, did you ever get through with the special items/item sets?
(12-13-2012, 09:26 PM)ZeronosVega Wrote: Viladin, did you ever get through with the special items/item sets?

Started on it, but didn't get far. Smile I have the names of the sets as well as special weapons (some with stats).
Would it be possible to see the list of those items/sets? Maybe some of the community can help with their development?
Black Wizard Regalia
Blue Wizard Regalia
Red Wizard's Chain Suit
White Wizard Regalia
Breastplate of the Guardian Lord
Garb of the Predator
Shadestalker's Array
Raiment of the Whistling Fists
Frenzied Berserker's Tunic
Songsteel Armor
Hunter's Raiment
Elemental Lord's Robes

Excalibur - knight sword
Ragnarok - greatsword
Lightbringer - knight sword
Save the Queen - knight sword
Gungnir - great spear
Masamune - katana

Zephyr - Sword of the Four Winds - Aero III at will, deals +3d6 wind damage.
Scorch - Sword of Burning Flames - Fire III at will, deals +3d6 fire damage.
Gravel - Sword of the Earth - Stone III at will, deals +3d6 earth damage.
Drench - Sword of Floods - Water III at will, deals +3d6 water damage.
Bolt - Sword of Lightning - Thunder III at will, deals +3d6 lightning damage.
Glacier - Sword of Ice - Ice III at will, deals +3d6 ice damage.
New Revised List on Things I Need To Do:

1. Convert the Bestiary to Pathfinder.

2. Modify Support Droid of Engineer Class.

3. Archetypes.

4. ????

5. Profit!
(05-19-2013, 02:15 PM)Viladin Wrote: 5. Profit!

Profit? Huh
(05-20-2013, 12:07 AM)Thimacek Wrote:
(05-19-2013, 02:15 PM)Viladin Wrote: 5. Profit!

Profit? Huh

A joke. Its a running gag I picked up somewhere.
(05-20-2013, 04:24 AM)Viladin Wrote:
(05-20-2013, 12:07 AM)Thimacek Wrote:
(05-19-2013, 02:15 PM)Viladin Wrote: 5. Profit!

Profit? Huh

A joke. Its a running gag I picked up somewhere.
It's from South Park. In particular, the underpants gnomes.
That gag must be exhausted; it's been running for years.
(05-20-2013, 03:07 PM)Nihilarian Wrote: That gag must be exhausted; it's been running for years.

I will stab you!
New List of Things To Do:

1. Fix the Alchemical Items list with suggestions by Cycopathic. Plus other random stuff his wall of text kicked me in the junk with.

2. Fix/Change Gunner inconsistencies.

3. Complete Medic class.

4. Change prices for Power Rod/Staff to 50/75 gil.

5. Go over Nih's archetypes.

6. Something else that I'm forgetting because I didn't write it down when I spotted it.

7. Procrastinate.
6) fix the wording on green magery? Lol

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