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Gods' Favored Weapons
So when cleric got converted to White Mage, why get rid of the god's favored weapon as a proficiency for White Mages.

I like the proficiencies that they have(Personally I dont agree with power staff, but oh well), but I feel that their god's favored weapon should still be an option, and It could be neat too see what weapons the gods wold have.

I have a few ideas:

Bahamut: Greatsword
Althena: Short-bow
Kefka: Power Staff
Hades: Scythe
Ifrit: Flail
Leviathan: Trident
Phoenix: Shield (Light)
Ramuh: Morningstar
Shiva: Sap

And yes, a few of these don't fit as well as I'd like, but I'd like to hear if you guys have any ideas.
Because White Mages never had a need to worship a god? Tongue
Well ,yes that is certainly true ha ha. Maybe this could be applied to Summoners and whichever avatar they chose? Since the avatars are all summons, it could work out, however I feel it should probably be an optional thing. I dont know, just somethin that popped into my head last night while I was surfin the nets.
But, I was playing around with an idea for a "Cleric"-type class using the Kefkanite as somewhat a basis.
Oh nice, I definately wanna see how that comes out.

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