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Deities, or, Retconning EVERYTHING
So it is not done yet (obviously), but I've been building an entire setting for FFd20 campaigns at my school and one of the fun (though long) parts is building the lore for the world. Right now I've been working on the deities, and as much as I like FFd20, I don't think the deity list is exactly...Final Fantasy. I mean, I love the fact that Bahamut and Kefka are supreme, and that some summons are there too, but all the others are just kinda there.

So my current list is as follows:

The High Deities
- Chaos, the Lawful Evil god of darkness, control and laws. Symbol is an orb of darkness.
- Aine, the Neutral goddess of flames, passion and power. Symbol is an orb of fire.
- Era, The Neutral goddess of wind, travel and speed. Symbol is an orb of wind.
- Borelis, the Neutral god of ice, meditation, and intellect. Symbol is an orb of ice.
- Elysia, the Neutral goddess of lightning, truth and conversation. Symbol is an orb of lightning.
- Jorick, the Neutral god of earth, family and strength. Symbol is an orb of earth.
- Neros, the Neutral god of water, peace and wits. Symbol is an orb of water.
- Cosmos, the Lawful Neutral goddess of light, balance, and discipline. Symbol is an orb of light.
The Greater Deities
- Kefka, the Chaotic Evil of magic, destruction, and magic. Symbol is a jester with angelic wings. The only non-original deity to ever achieve greater deity status. Sealed away merely a handful of years after attaining his new status by the very people he thought he’d killed to gain his power.
- Bahamut, the Lawful Good god of justice, protection and honor. Symbol is the platinum dragon. Is considered the representative for most of the lesser deities. Worshipped more than even the higher deities by dragonkind (even of opposing alignments), and may be more powerful than he appears. Despite his serious nature and responsibilities, he has sense of humor only those who search him out discover. He has taken many forms, from numerous draconic bodies to a wide range of humanoid forms.
- Zodiark, the True Neutral god of serpents and nothingness. Not even the deities know where he came from, though the Occuria fear his presence and power. When he speaks, a serpentine hiss always creeps into his speech. He is the only deity to remain truly neutral throughout history, only stepping in when one side gains too much control.
The Central Deities
- Alexander
- Leviathan
- The Occuria, Lawful Evil beings who almost always act as one unit. If separated, as they were in the Great War, they are less powerful than even the weakest Lesser Deity. Together, however, they are masters of illusions, and due to their followers have achieved actual power.
- Anima, the Neutral goddess of death and mothers. Despite her horrific appearance, she is a kind goddess who wishes nothing more than to save those forsaken children of the world. However, many perceive her as evil on appearance alone, and often persecute her followers.
- Phoenix
- Hades
- Maduin, the Good god of light
- Bhunivelze, the Lawful Neutral god of light and creation. Despite his commanding force, he has forcefully been removed of much of his power and is kept under a close eye by Cosmos. Despite his questionable actions and arrogance, he truly believes what he does is best for his followers.
The Lesser Deities
- Ifrit, the Chaotic Neutral god of flames, daemons, and battle. His symbol is a fiery Warhammer. While always ready for battle, he isn’t actually that bad a conservationist, and holds quite a bit of peacetime knowledge. It’s just funnier to act stupid.
- Shiva, the Neutral god of ice, dance and night. Her symbol is a sword and staff of ice. While cold to many, she is warm to her followers and protective. Has a love-hate relationship with Ifrit.
- Ramuh, the Neutral Good god of lightning, knowledge and magic. His symbol is book shaped cloud. Takes on the appearance of a young child and ancient man, often in the same conversation, just to mess with people. Hates the fact he needs to deal with Kefka.
- Titan, the neutral god of earth, natural disasters and day. His symbol is an earthquake.
- Carbuncle the chaotic good god(dess?) of animals, friends and rivalry. Their symbol is a ruby. No-one knows what they actually look like, as they only have appeared as a medium rabbit or slightly draconic beings with a gem embedded into its forehead.
- Valefor, the true neutral goddess of avians, air and journeys. Her symbol is a stone of a woman, her arms out-stretched into wings.
- Yojimbo, the Lawful Neutral god of mercenaries, money and honor. His symbol is a pile of gil hiding a dagger.
- Gilgamesh, the chaotic good god of fools and the lost. His symbol is the excalipoor.

And before I'm called out for the elemental deities, the plan is to link them to the elemental orbs from FF1 (only there's one for each of them). I just need to write something reasonable. Of course, I have to do some tweaking, add more stuff, explain the tiers of deity-hood etc. But these are here for nitpicking. Let the conversation begin!
"Everyone get out. This'll take a while."
-The worst thing to hear after the result of a roll (Count:5)
This is interesting and awesome (Have a like! XD)
Only one i want to point out is Cosmos would be goddess (not god) unless its a guy in your world then by all means do as you got.(or typo. shit happens)

I love the description for Anima, mainly cause It makes me think back to my old campaigns that involve her and they are identical in almost all ways. I also just like Anima.

I really like the depth of the list above all, a lot of guys to go over. I always used Vils Old gods list and added the other summons as needed but this is cool. Great work.
Why thank you! Always nice to receive one. And wow, how'd I miss that.

Anima is pretty awesome. And glad I wasn't crazy with her lore. It just seemed the best way to present her.

Glad you enjoy it! I do plan to post the full list upon completion. Probably next week though; midterm week for me takes priority.
"Everyone get out. This'll take a while."
-The worst thing to hear after the result of a roll (Count:5)

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