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An idea sprung to me to maybe have an idea of a Merit/Flaw list. the idea comes from GoTd20/Vampire where you can take flaws or defections to get bonus points at character creation to get to spend for skill points for feats.

Or to spend those points on starting merits like extra starting money or income, or to add extra elements like owned houses or an airship. Just an idea.

GoT worked depending on the defection you took (how severe) you got Bonus points(BP) to spend. 1point was an extra skill point and 3 points was an extra feat and should only be allowed like 5 or 6 total. But you could could have like Mist rage where in a strong magical presence maybe you went berserk? Or perhaps a Nemesis that ruined your day everyday. Be sick, or outcasted from society. Amongst other things possible.
That's pretty much the Trait system that Pathfinder uses. It even has drawbacks, but noone really uses it.
Probably why i didn't know about it. Hmmm. Feel rather dumb now.
(01-16-2015, 12:01 AM)NeloAngelo Wrote: Probably why i didn't know about it. Hmmm. Feel rather dumb now.
I use Drawbacks when GMs allow them- though I've also made/suggested a couple unique ones since those existing are only so-so.

Recently, I made Brash
You take a -4 on Diplomacy checks when dealing with 'serious' characters and their starting attitude is one step worse towards you.

Couple years back I was playing a unique character, which was made easier over the PbP medium... can't seem to find it but basically:

Silent Protagonist
The user cannot speak beyond audible grunts, doing so causes some minor Nonlethal damage and invokes a -1 penalty to Attack Rolls, Skill Checks, and Saving Throws for an hour. This penalty doesn't stack for multiple instances, but the duration refreshes and damage is taken again.

I used a chalkboard to communicate when necessary, though primarily did so with pictures because simply writing things out would be too easy a work-around :p

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