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Favorite Final Fantasy
FF7 for me . the storyline gets me every time.n
I have a tough time choosing between Final Fantasy Tactics, and Final Fantasy 12. Both in the same world and amazing stories.
FFX-2, the continuation of the Yuna storyline was EXCEPTIONAL, they got rid of Wakka, his stupid haircut, and his emo-girlfriend. CLOTHES ARE MAGIC! And also technically not there so it is a bunch of girls running around wearing pyrefly code Wink You get an airship from the get-go there are no more lame summon creatures and you can dig for buried treasure! Basically it is the best of the best of the FF games if you don't count Mystic Quest which is a shame because colored blocks are a FAR superior HP measurement system that numbers and math.

Also- that paragraph is a lie... but I don't hate FFX-2 as much as I probably should. I enjoyed the level grinding and the dress-sphere maxing outing. My fave is FF6 because of the story/character specializations (in addition to the wondrous power of Step Mine!) with FFX being a close 2nd... The alteration of the summon monster mechanic was SO cool to me. I also liked the development of the overdrive (powering it via Healing! Thats much more useful for a certain someone).
I enjoyed X-2 honestly as well. It did have its problems sure, but it was incredibly deep customization. Not to mention one of the hardest post game optional bosses i've ever seen. Trema. And the remaster with the monster Arena was really REALLY fun i thought.
But again, compared to the world of Ivalice, Spira feels empty to me.
I like FF4 the most, introduced me to a lot of stuff in RPG's that I still enjoy to this day.

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