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As the title says; what pics would be good / you would like to see? I'm not that awesome, and it would take me 1 to 2 weeks working on it in my spare time, bit I would like to just do some drawings just to draw. I think I'll put up a Moogle picture first to show you what my drawing style is like, kupo.
Anyways, for pics, you can suggest FFd20 characters you play, scenes of the same, your favorite FF races and monsters, etc; I wouldn't suggest specific pcs or NPCs, however, because as I said, I'm not that good.
I could use a picture of a Bugan. I'm playing a Bugan Bard and there aren't a lot of pictures of them.

Preferably leaner than Nanaki, with tattoo's in different places, and fewer scars. He has a penchant for howling (that's how he delivers his bardic magic). Would that be possible? Would you need more details?
A few things- what is the fur color? Any weapons or armor he frequently uses? Does he use an instrument? I will get started on him soon as possible; hopefully by the end of the week you should see him, if not I will post what I have so far.
Reddish fur, similar to Nanaki. No weapon or instrument. He's wearing Genji armor, which is leather armor of vaguely asian appearance. He does have a headdress, but if it gets put into the picture I'd like it to be relatively simple. (Now that I think about it, are Nanaki's feathers supposed to be his headdress?) his bardic music is his howling, so a picture of him howling would probably work best.
I should have it up by tomorrow night (probably tonite, in fact)- just fine-tuning the picture with some shading and whatnot. He isn't howling, but I figured that would be alright.
No problem.
ooooh, very nice job on the bugan, i like your art style. it's refreshingly different. now, mind if i ask you to do a Vieran Archer? Silvery-white Hair and Ears wearing a leaf-green half-tunic and some leather greaves. A position where she is sitting on a tree branch would be awesome. Eyes are Emerald color. and she has fair-tanned skin.
A rather fat Moogle Fighter in leather armor wielding a Buster Sword.
If history is to change, let it change. If the world is to be destroyed, so be it. If my fate is to die, I must simply laugh.
- Magus, Chrono Trigger
BOTH REQUESTS, COMING UP, KUPO! >grabs pencil and begins scribbling<

(Ill post the Vieran first, but the Moogle should be shortly after that. I have exams coming up, but then it's summer, so about 1-2 weeks will be needed. Like before, if Im not done within a week, I'll post a preview of the pictures, kupo.)
UPDATE; Sorry guys, I had I go on a family reunion and exams took up more of my time than I expected, but I'm on summer vacation now, so I'll post Friday!
Yay! Cant wait to see
OKAY! Here are the starting sketches for the Vieran Archer and Moogle Fighter! Sorry they aren't colored yet, but I had some problems with my tablet. If you would like to clarify anything, or request changes, please do! Note that these are not FINISHED sketches yet, as they don't have background, detailed clothes, etc. Just wanted to get something out there; should have them done by monday! (Famous last words, amirite, kupo? ^_^ )

[Image: LpUg4sk.jpg]

[Image: 8AOAq6y.jpg]

PS: Remember, expect these (especially the moogle) to be much better quality when I detail them; this is actually a pretty lazy update. DERP >_< )
I don't know if anyone is still reading this thread, but I was wondering if I could make a request.

I'll give a general Description:
1. Large Soldier Style sword in one hand, He uses his shoulder and Soldier strength to do powerful overhand strikes after he has used flourishes and weapon feints to distract his foes.
2. Katana style in the other, which he holds reverse hold. He uses this as his primary attack method.
3. Soldier Uniform, modified with Black and Red Cloak (Similar to the one Cloud wears in Kingdom Hearts 1)
4. Streaked, Spiked, Red and Black Hair (Similar to Zacks Hair at the beginning of Crisis Core).

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