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Blademaster Thrust attack and Climhazzard Finisher
(03-25-2021, 07:40 PM)HankBae Wrote: Is the thrust attack and Climhazzard attacks free action Sunder towards the opponents CMD or their armor's AC? It just seems weird that if you hit with your attack the sunder would be towards their CMD since it would imply that you have already successfully hit them and would then determine if that his damages the armor or not. also with Climhazzard it specifically says a sunder attempt on the opponent's armor.

Here's the provided descriptions of both

  • Thrust (Ex): A blademaster who uses this blade technique suffers a -2 penalty to this Attack roll but deals normal weapon damage + 1 and has a chance to sunder armor. The blademaster can attempt to sunder his opponent as a free action without provoking attacks of opportunity if he hits with this blade technique.

[color=#222222][font=Candara, Arial, sans-serif]Climhazzard (Ex):[/font][/color][color=#222222][font=Candara, Arial, sans-serif] (Requires Thrust → Thrust) This combo finisher allows the blademaster to make a stunning thrust attack and then slash upward propelling the blademaster upward. The blademaster makes a single melee attack as part of this combo finisher. If this attack hits, the blademaster deals normal weapon damage and gains a free sunder attempt on the opponent’s armor without provoking attacks of opportunity. If successful, the blademaster deals double weapon damage to the armor instead of normal. If the opponent doesn’t have armor to sunder, they take double weapon damage instead of the normal damage.[/font][/color]

Its whatever the Sunder Combat Maneuver does.


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