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Samurai Question - Iaijutsu Strike and Combo Finishers.
(12-20-2019, 11:19 PM)larenf3d5 Wrote: At my virtual table the discussion has come up regarding the interaction between Iaijutsu Strike and Combo Finishers. That is to say, specifically finishers that do bonus damage derived from Iaijutsu dice (such as Higanbana, Midare Setsu Gekka, and Tenka Goken).

1) Are these finishers classified and Iaijutsu Strikes?

2) If you have already used the class ability Iaijutsu Strike do you no longer qualify for the bonus damage dice on the above maneuvers?

3) Where you to be in a Meikyo Shisui situation, had qualified for one of the combos above, and also posessed the Tsubame-gaeshi Bushido art would you be able to do one of those combo finishers twice (or any combination therein?). If so would each qualify for the bonus damage dice described?

I believe the intention is for the Iaijutsu Strike (the ability, as a standard action) is the only component limited to once per target per day. That damage dice derived from an ability, for combo finishers that take upwards of 6 attacks to complete are not intended to be held to the same bonus damage per target limitation.

The intersection of the abilities seems a little murky, so some guidance on what's intended/correct would be great.


1. No, they are not classified as Iaijutsu Strikes.
2. You still deal extra Iaijutsu Strike damage regardless of using it or not.
3. The free combo finisher can be only done per round during the Limit Break, but if you could do another combo finisher with kenki techniques, then yes.


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