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There's Red and Blue, but why not Yellow?
Funny, I rarely associate yellow as being part of the "triad of colors". More often I put green as the third color which I think is the more common thing. I'm not sure what a "Yellow Mage" could do as the magic types are covered by the other classes. White=Healz, Black=Blaster, Red=Both, Blue=Enemies and Green from Tactics=Buff and Debuff.

Not a lot of room for a "Yellow Mage" to do anything. Copying from the "enlightened races" is an...interesting take I suppose though it seems more like something a specific branch of Blue Mages could do.

If I had to make one...I don't I said earlier in Final Fantasy all the magic types are pretty covered by the existing mage classes so adding a new one doesn't seem like it would work very well.

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